Tulsa King (Paramount+)


"Hey yo."

Starting watching this not knowing its another Taylor Sheridan vehicle (Yellowstone). A comedy series starring Sylvester Stallone as a mobster who served 25 yrs in prison, and is exiled/made to start-up operations in Tulsa, OK. Its a charming easy watch, and paced properly.

Enjoyed the pilot, about to watch episode 2. Really like the aspect of a mobster from another time trying to adjust in the present iphone run woke world.

Anyone else watching or liking it?

Yes, I've watched all eps up to present date. As you say, it's a watchable series: predictable more or less, a halfway interesting story line, and a perfect vehicle for Stallone. AND it seems to be SJ free...

I have a great respect for Mr Stallone, more than any other American actor probably, he took chances, he believed in himself, he didn't have the best of the attributes, but he did the work, I respect hard work and commitment, that's very much lacking nowadays. Rambo, more than Rocky were part of my childhood, in my country, you saw a badass, you called him Rambo, always. He has a vision, and he knows how to make it, and it's mostly directed to the lower classes. I yet don't know the point of the series, he made a superhero movie recently that I liked. Will take a look.