Films about solitary figures who live simple lives


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Any recommendations? This is another sub genre I seem to love. Films about people who have been left on their own or loners who don't really want to adhere to normal ways of living. Or have been forced that way because of an event / circumstance. Not necessarily about loneliness. Examples may include:

Wendy and Lucy
Blue Ruin
Corn Island
Leave No Trace
The Survivalist
Nobody Knows
Inside Llewyn Davis
Nights of Cabiria
House of Hummingbird
Lights in the Dusk
Red Road
Teddy Bear
Ghost Dog Way of the Samurai / Broken Flowers/ Night on Earth/ Patterson.

Maybe even Taxi Driver, First Reformed, Diary of a Country Priest, Winter Light, Nomadland


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Maybe The Lookout (2007), at least in its setup.
Thanks, I've heard alot about that film and been meaning to check it out so just bumped it up the watchlist.

It's odd and pretty overlooked. I like it fairly well, it was an early sign that Levitt was going to take on some interesting/difficult roles. Pretty unusual for someone young and heartthrobby to do something like that I think. Made me like him a lot more.

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Maybe Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring
All is Lost (?)
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La Strada
Buffalo '66
Sult (Hunger)

How did I know you'd mention Buffalo '66?

Seen the first two, will check out Sult, thanks although that video is not available in my country

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Still Life (2013). Probably falls more into the films about loneliness category but might be worth a look.

Le Samourai

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Maybe The Lookout (2007), at least in its setup.
Just watched this! Solid neo noir type film with redemption arc. Nice directing, pretty good cast. Some tropey elements with the bumbling cop providing some comedy relief, weak dream sequence and the chekov's gun principle fairly obvious, but it was just what I needed and just the right type of character I had asked about. So cheers.

There's a lovely crane shot at the end too that feels like it's straight from a Hitchcock or something:

And it has Isla Fisher, so that's a plus.