Directors Who Went to Film School?


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I can't think of one great director one who did. A few great movie isn't enough to be a "Great Director", either, especially if you made more duds than great pictures (Coppola, who is probably the best out of the bunch, but has gone down my list these past 20 years).

I'm all for education. In the US, richest country on Earth, where we can spend TRILLIONS on illegal wars for decades, bail out Wall St. with TRILLIONS of our money for decades, we can support education.

But when it comes to the arts, off-hand, it seems like all the directors who went to film school are frauds, cheat from older movies, and basically talks down to audience, and are probably very great commercially.

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Did Spielberg not go to film school?

If I remember correctly, Spielberg applied to USC Film School, but he didn't get in. He went to a different California college, (I don't remember which college), and he interned at Universal Studios.

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