The MoFo Top 100 Westerns: Countdown

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I love The Gold Rush but didn't include it on my list as I don't really consider it a Western, although it definitely has a lot of relevant elements.

Day of the Outlaw was on my list, an absolutely fantastic film and as Holden has mentioned, undoubtedly an influence on The Hateful Eight. I'm pretty sure that in the opening pages of the Reservoir Dogs screenplay, Tarantino includes De Toth in a list of directors who he loves and influenced him.

I haven't been commenting much recently but I've seen a few more of the recent inclusions. The Naked Spur was on my list somewhere. I like Cable Hogue and enjoyed Three Amigos enough when I watched it years ago. Still a bit annoyed at some of these films making it ahead of Man of the West though


Here's the De Toth inclusion in the Reservoir Dogs screenplay for those who haven't seen it before. What an eclectic list!


I can't find my list but Judge Roy Bean is the first of mine to show. Can't believe the weirdness is what Cricket doesn't like and it's what I love about it. Really wasn't expecting a full on comedy when I finally pushed play, but I loved that about it. Really good movie.

I am sure I saw Pale Rider at some point with my dad, but have to watch it again to be sure. Like most Eastwood Westerns, I am sure I will think it's fine.

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean was #5 on my list.

I loved that movie to death. Of all the Westerns I've seen it was one of the most epic, craziest, and exciting. I'll never forget the shot of him carrying a pile of guns and bullets after killing everyone in the saloon. The scope of the story arc was so epic, the way it began in the wildest state of the west, and continued through to the next generation with is daughter all grown up. There were so many hilarious and legendary moments, like when Bad Bob rode into town. When he blew Bad Bob away and someone said, "He shot him in the back." Then someone else said, "Who cares, as long as he's dead." You just can't help but laugh. A truly epic movie.

It was also one of the Westerns that blew me away the most, because I didn't know a Western like that existed. I never expected to see a Western like that, that I had never heard of, but that I would love so much.