One Percent More Humid (2017)

My fascination with Julia Garner continued, but in this movie she wasn't the primary focus. Rather, Juno Tempo played the lead, Iris. Garner played a secondary focus, Catherine. The movie opened with the two young women reuniting for summer vacation. As the plot unfolded it became obvious that they were very close friends in high-school, but had entered college or university. They were both also suffering from the trauma of a fatal car accident that took the life of one of their close friends. The realistic story encapsulated numerous characters, with Iris at the center and Catherine in close proximity. Iris became entangled in an affair with her literature professor. He was married and twice her age, and the whole affair, though passionate, was doomed to failure from the start. Meanwhile Catherine more subtly and off to the side became entangled with the brother of their dead friend. I personally wanted to see more of Julia Garner, and not just because I liked her more as an actress, but also because I just found the complexity of her story more sympathetic and interesting. To some extent I felt like there just wasn't enough time to focus on both characters, and they didn't choose the character I was more interested in. I still liked the movie quite a bit, but more for Garner than for Tempo. The cinematography was decent, but it didn't stray from conventional techniques.