Demolition Man 2


Sylvester Stallone officially announced that Warner Brothers are working on a sequel/reboot of the 1993 classic.
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"I think it is coming"

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Stallone already made a sequel... it's called Judge Dredd.
I don t know if it is funny this post, but definitely demolition man 2 should be a great action film like the first

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If it's anything like Last Blood, it won't be.

The thing about Demolition Man is that they did pretty much exhaust the whole concept in the space of one film, so I have to question what could possibly be gotten out of a sequel. If anything, the fact that it's a 30-year-old movie about how soft society gets in the future only makes the whole idea of trying to bring it back especially questionable.
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Yeah, doesn't strike me as fertile ground for a sequel. It could be good, to be sure, but if it is it'll just be because it ends up in the hands of capable writer who expands and twists it in interesting ways. I don't think it's the kind of thing that can just continue and be anywhere near as good.

I don't hate the idea, but it's definitely not one I'm expecting to be great.

This is the Q&A Sly posted on his Instagram a few days ago, and in it he answered the question about a possible Demolition Man. This was the first report confirming the sequel/reboot is happening.

P.S. If you're fans of Sly, you MUST follow his Instagram. His posts are awesome.

Just for fun, here's the first Q&A session with Sly that he posted a few weeks ago.