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Originally Posted by 2wrongs
Yods, I love the pic with the door and those pipes. I like the angle; the shadows.
I know; the orange glow is so cool. It's like I found the utility stairwell to hell. The pipes make it look like something out of Riven.

I can draw a beast of a doodle (robots, monsters, general normally), although tends to be when im really really bored in college, my friends think i should have done art and teachers think i do do art and i've always had comments about them in parent evenings lol. I would scan them but well im not going to, cuz its prob quite personal and i dont have most of them.

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Originally Posted by Yoda
I know; the orange glow is so cool. It's like I found the utility stairwell to hell. The pipes make it look like something out of Riven.
*breathy* Yeah.......stairway to HELL. You have an eye, T.
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I really like this thread. i love photography, and although im not very good at it, i try and take some piccy's myself when i remember too. Love your photos OG, r66 and Yoda. Love your one of the guy in the all those chairs OG, where was that? And i love your one of the tree Yoda, ive taken some similar ones to that as well. Im at uni at the mo but ill put mine up on here when i get home.
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Originally Posted by Yoda
That's unreal. Like something out of a movie. It's amazing how often I hear that people's biggest regrets involve not saying what they thought or felt until it was too late; or, if not too late, later than it should've been.

You're a good writer, by the way.
He was youngish (68) and went suddenly - 15 minutes from working on the plumbing to gone - but he had felt for a few months that he was not going to be around much longer. He had wrapped up a few loose ends. I feel amazingly lucky that we got to have that conversation.
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The guy in all the chairs was in the quad at Washington University in St. Louis for my brother's graduation back in May.
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Ah, so much talent in the forums...Great thread and great art...
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Ok, here are some of the graphics I made for my Mix CD jacket a few years ago....

All done in Illustrator and Corel with some PS post prod.
Click image for larger version

Name:	CD Extrude.jpg
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ID:	4149   Click image for larger version

Name:	Liquid Purple.jpg
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Name:	Wrapped Mask.jpg
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ID:	4151  

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Originally Posted by SamsoniteDelilah
Those are cool, Sedai.
Rorsach kaleidascopes.
Why thank you! These were kicking around my office and had almost vanished from my memory, until this thread reminded me... A couple of the graphics are sort of over the top acidic, but it WAS for a trance cd

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Here's a few renders that I'm quite happy with.....
Click image for larger version

Name:	Distant_Sun_by_dvil6173.jpg
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ID:	4152   Click image for larger version

Name:	Mountain_by_dvil6173.jpg
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Originally Posted by Tacitus
Here's a few renders that I'm quite happy with.....

They look like postcards very cool

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Originally Posted by Yoda
Thanks guys.

Here's a few more, though they're not quite as good. I took all but the first one on the same day, wandering around downtown Pittsburgh.
Funny, you mention you don't think these are as good as your first set, and I think all of these are spectacular. Like Sammy and Pimpdawg, the two door shots are my favorites. The lighting and shadows in those two shots are crazy. The lighting in a shot makes it or breaks it for me, and I like the dark, mysterious mood in these shots.

I had a whole poo' load of pictures I took, but I lost them. Anyways, I like to use your basic 35mm camera with whatever lense does what I want, then I scan dem' little boogers inta' Paint Shop Pro, make em' B&W, adjust the masking, then the levels, and Kablamo' - A Masterpiece.. sort of.
I still have the originals of the others, I need to re-scan them though, which is a pain in the arse.
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These are all at least two years old. Sorry but I don't have anything newer scanned or hosted online. I've also done some writing and some computer art (mostly in Flash) but nothing I want to show.

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Pimp comes up from behind and showcases that he is an artist at heart! Really, really like the bridge photo Pimp! What a great composition!

And the rest of you---I could cry at the artistic talent displayed in this thread! It warms my heart--it really does! Please don't let this thread die! It's now become my morning coffee (and cigarette) thread.
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Theres some really good work on here. Really liked your story Sammy, was quite moving. Love your pictures too Pimpboy, i especially like the lipstick one. I have some great black and white ones i took from when i was in New York but have yet to transfer them to the power of PC, but ive since moved onto Digital, not sure what i prefer yet. i love the detail and colour you can get with digital. Tried to post some pics tonight but having issues.