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Those who might be missing FOX's Empire might find a new TV guilty pleasure here. This is the story of a female rap group called Nasty B**ches, who were the hottest thing on MTV back in 1999. The girls have decided to reunite in order to perform on the BET Awards. Brianna (Eve) is now married with five kids and dealing with the fact that her husband is simultaneously cheating on her and dying of cancer; Jill (Naturi Naughton) is a preacher's daughter who is married but cheating on her husband with a woman; Naomi (Brandy Norwood) is trying to revive her career going country while trying to make a relationship with her daughter work, who hates her and lives with her mother; Butter Pecan (Nadine Velasquez) is awaiting unfinished vengeance coming from the girls from 1999 while having been fired from her job as a daytime talk show hostess accused of poisoning her co-anchor. The show is a little busy, plotwise, but if they could trim the storyline fat a little, this could be a whole lot of fun. I haven't seen Eve since her standout role in The Woodmen and haven't seen Brandy since Moesha went off the air, but these two are killing it. Also loved Naughton, who was the best thing about the 2008 remake of Fame. I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on this one, if they keep up the quality of the pilot, this could be seriously fun.

Just finished ep 2, which revealed just enough backstory to keep me interested but didn't spill everything we want to know. We learned almost immediately that two of the Queens never want to return to San Diego, but what we were told about San Diego just didn't feel like the whole story. I was a little confused by the fact that JoJo, Naomi's daughter wanted nothing to do with her in the pilot but this episode opened with them thick as thieves. LOVED that scene with Jill's husband, Darren, trying to reclaim his territory, didn't see that coming at all. Does this guy have to be hit over the head with a brick or what? Loved Naomi's solo "Wrecking Ball", but her trying to go solo and continue to be a queen is never going to work and neither is that slimy manager, Eric.

Ep 3 was interesting....that battle between Brianna and Naomi was "de bomb" and they could have had the entire episode centered around that. Loved JoJo's audition and I keep thinking about the fact that Naomi doesn't want to help JoJo find out who her father is and the conclusion she's come up with is that she already knows who her father is, but I hope it's not Eric. I was really feeling the chemistry between Eve and RonReaco Lee as Brianna and Jeff, though i still didn't feel like she could trust him, but their problems were a little too neatly resolved at the end of the episode. I also don't get why Jill is hanging with all of these other women trying to learn how to be gay...she's already got a girlfriend who's hotter than any of these other women. She needs to leave these other women alone...why go out for hamburger when you've got steak at home?

Ep 4 found this show really hitting its stride with a deliciously entertaining 42 minutes. Really felt Brianna's conflict trying to write a eulogy about Jeff but she did the right thing. Trashing their father in front of her kids would have been wrong. Loved Brandy's take on "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone", wish she could have done the whole song. Jill and Tina's breakup was no surprise, but I disagree with Tina when she said Jill's problem is not the cheating...I think the cheating is definitely her problem. This girl seems to have issues with commitment that will keep her from having a real relationship. The confessional scene was a little convenient, but i went with it. I don't know what Valeria was thinking going to see Alexis, she had to know that Alexis would show up at the funeral and the final reveal was perfection. This could become a seriously guilty pleasure for me.

Ep 5 had equal parts of fun and contrivance. Loved Muffin's "I'm that chick" video and the scene in the supermarket had me falling on the floor. Jill's ex-husband is straight up insane...I don't understand why a man whose wife cheated on him with a woman would still want her. Eric and JoJo getting to know each other as father and daughter is going a little too smoothly and the stolen chain story was stupid. I knew Alexis wasn't going to abort that baby and Jill has really gotten too big for her britches and how the other three could still go on at the AMA's with her made no sense.

Ep 6 was a lot of fun, I'm all in on this show, seriously becoming my next guilty pleasure. I think Valleria needs to watch it with her mother; her story was a little too pat and contrived and rehearsed to be believable. Love the video director who is trying to come between Eric and Naomi and doing it with such slickness that Naomi doesn't even see it. I hope Darrin is done, but I can't believe Jill had no idea how wrong what she said was...she deserves any consequences coming her way regarding that remark. Loved that video of Jill's victim explaining what happened. This could get seriously ugly enough for Jill to still be a Queen. Brianna's son was out of line, but I understand it to a point. Natauri Naughton nailed that talk show scene...I didn't believe a word she said on that talk show. As the son of someone famous, I'm sure the kid has dealt with his share of neglect, but it's no excuse for talking to his mother. My mother would have knocked the taste out of my mouth if I said something like that. I hate the way Muffin is being heaped upon straight out of rehab, but it's sure realistic. Even when you're struggling to get clean, the world around you continues to rotate. The show is a little top heavy, in terms of story, but I'm enjoying it, but I have a feeling whenever this wraps up, the Queens will be imploding or at least minus one of the four girls we're behind here.