Foreign countdown's done: what's next?


What should our next countdown be?
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I have 54 movies on my watch list, and I have actually watched about 25 of them. I could benefit from erring on the longer watch period. Just my opinion.

I think the answer is best illustrated by taking the opposite hypothetical and saying: why not just let people take years and have the countdown in a decade? Because then we'd never get to do another countdown, of course.

It's a balancing act between the desire to do these at a reasonable pace (otherwise people lose interest) and the desire to give people a reasonable amount of time to watch. There's no right answer, but there's obviously benefit to a shorter watch period: it's just a balancing act.

My suspicion is even if someone does not watch a lot of modern movies, they'll have naturally seen more from the 2000s than some of the older decades. 2010s might be different, though.

(I'm sorry I didn't reply yesterday, but the storm decided that I shouldn't use the computer last night.)

I wasn't saying to stretch the watch period to an unreasonable length. I was just saying that it shouldn't be shortened too much either. Most of the previous countdowns have had about 3-4 months, so I think it would be fair to keep about the same amount of time for this countdown.

Not sure why what I said got lumped in there with "being in a rush." I said 2 months should be the absolute minimum. I would prefer at least 3.
I just quoted everyone who was in the conversation (for completeness), so your comment was quoted too. Plus, you seemed to agree with me about not making the watch period too short.

I got multi-quoted there in gbgoodies post and sure is three months a decent compromise? Anyway I think it's up to the host.
Yes, three months is a good compromise.
If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

Is the nomination thread up yet? If it is, I can't find it
Hey, we have two threads running...

  • Preliminary Thread, for overall doubts, questions, concerns about the countdown, eligibility, etc.
  • Recommendation Thread, for, well, general recommendations. They can be yours or from online articles and sources. Keep an eye on the second post of the thread, where I've put several useful links.

For future reference, both threads are under the Movie Reviews "umbrella".
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