Foreign countdown's done: what's next?


What should our next countdown be?
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Something else (specify in thread)
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I think 2000's got this poll in the bag, glad to see it winning
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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
I did a preliminary shortlist last night. 103 movies. I whittled it down to 75 and then quit. This is going to be hard.
I've cut mine down to 68 but have added two films to my watchlist.

I'm thinking of persuading some people who don't like 2000s movies to add some of mine to their ballot

Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough
I started going through my IMDb ratings and making a list of all of the films I'd be happy to see on the top 100. That list is at 162, so I know the feeling.

...I'm thinking of persuading some people who don't like 2000s movies to add some of mine to their ballot
That person would be me I'm sure there are some 2000s movies I like, I just can't think of any right now. Better send me that list

I'm thinking of persuading some people who don't like 2000s movies to add some of mine to their ballot

I haven't tried making a list yet, but I haven't seen many movies from the 2000s. I might need some of yours if I don't start watching some eligible movies soon.

Feel free to make some movie recommendations.
If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

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Not appearing on any of the other lists list.

Okay, technically the deadline for this list is a week from now, but the results are overwhelming. I'll give it a few more days to see if there's some kind of urge in support, but otherwise, sure looks like The 2000s will be next.

Yep. I've had some mild inquiries but nothing firm...
I was hoping some new members would step up and make a big splash by hosting the countdown I've done it before and it's fun! And a lot easier too, now that Yoda has made the ballot submission tool. Come on folks volunteer

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the countdown and watching some choice 2000s movies in prep for it

Yeah, gonna reiterate that these require a lot less effort than they used to on the host's part. The ballot submission tool does all the calculation, and I've even built something that spits out post code (though depending on the design, you may have to update a few things in the output).

Primary thing is just a) the responsibility of logging on at roughly consistent times to post them, which only takes a few minutes usually, and b) being willing to work with me on design stuff so I don't have to do it myself from scratch, entirely. This might be as simple as sending me a handful of things you find on the Internet you think are worth imitating somewhat.

Do we know already what will be the timeframe for this?
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I'm guessing the watch period for the countdown will be up to the host.
Yeah, this is what I was referring. Thanks.

Yeah, best guess: once we have a host/curator nailed down, probably about a week (maybe two) for them to make a few logistical choices and post the thread with the watch period, which is usually at least two months, maybe three.

So, depends on how quickly we can find a host and make those choices, I suppose.

I just had a good idea! Two or more people could get together and co-host the 2000s Countdown.

That way no one has to be stressed about being online everyday during the actual countdown as another co-host could do the posting if they wer gone for awhile. Also a good way for some friends to have some fun and help out our MoFo community

If they can coordinate so they always know whose "day" it is, fine with me! Maybe reduces some of the stress for first-timers, too, if they can find a partner to share the load/responsibility. And I'll be there to help as needed, of course.