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MoFo Fantasy Football 2021 - Sign-Ups


The eleventh pick goes to North Dallas TONGO AKA @TONGO. He'll hate this because he always wants a high pick no matter what even in years where it's great to have a low one!

9th. Wow. That is....something.

At least I know where to set myself in the mock drafts.
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With @rauldc14 wanting in, we just need one more person to make it the usual 14-teamer, so who are the two people we're currently missing from last year? I'm willing to make midnight phone calls and pound on front doors and send strongly-worded letters to force encourage them to rejoin; or, if that fails, pester others until someone new signs up.

I'll be bummed if we only have 12 teams. I already play in two other 12-team leagues, and I enjoy the challenge this league presents when it comes to diving so deep into the player pool.

The trick is not minding
Agreed with the above. Although I’d prefer 12 to 14, I’d hate for Rauldc to be left out, so if we can somehow find some one more person, everyone plays each other once and it works well.

What the?! pftt, psst, ding dong dang! EVERYTIME! Its like some magnetic pull that drags me down to the last 2 picks! AUGH! If this kept happening with the first 2 picks everyone would think I was paying off the commissioner. As i was reading the draft order my jaw slowly kept dropping lower and lower with each selection.

Ok im good.

There's actually a domino effect where if we get above 12 another owner would drop, so it's actually a lot trickier than just finding one more.

I mean, you didn't like your top picks in the baseball draft, and look how that worked out.

One of these days you'll realize low picks are just as likely to be good as high ones. Maybe.

The trick is not minding
I actually like either the first 4 picks, or the last four picks. I seem to struggle more when picking in the middle. That said, I think I have a plan of sorts for 7th.
Didn’t Parrotheads pick 7th last year?
And all he did was turn that into an 11-2 record with a second place finish.

Would have been cool to be in but no biggie. I'm in one other league and might join in on another yet.