MoFo Fantasy Football 2021 - Sign-Ups


You gotta go to the website I think. Then go back to 2020.
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Well, maybe, if we change team ownership or whatever I'm not sure if it reshuffles. Or if I change a playoff setting. Just a heads-up on that front.

I know who I wont be getting for the third time in a row, Todd Gurley. Never again. Never ever. Not ever.

The trick is not minding
There was once upon a time where Gurley was decent.

Hoping to come into the draft better prepared this year. I didn’t do enough homework last year and was left scrambling when it came to WR. Also, hoping to avoid a lot of injuries this year, but that’s nothing you can really help outside of better depth to each position.

The trick is not minding
I have a draft coming up this Saturday with my public league, and I’ve run a few mock drafts with me at the top of the draft (4th) and the bottom (14th). And I was able to draft pretty well in both positions. 14th made it dicey when it came to RB’s, as I had to “settle” for Chubb and Carson, and grabbed Gordon again a few rounds later after I selected a trio of WR’s.

I drafted Evans at WR in the third round each time because man, as soon as someone grabbed a WR, they flew off the board furiously.

Both cases I waited a little too long to grab a TE and was left with less then stellar choices.

Graham once, and I forget the other.

My first draft I forgot to draft a defense. 😑

Any chance we could move the draft time up to start at 1:00pm EST on August 28th instead of 2:00?
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The trick is not minding
How many leagues do you guys usually play in? There was a time, about 20 years ago, where I would play in 3 or 4 leagues. I’m currently in 2, but considering a third for fun but I don’t know….

I think I topped out at like 3-4. These days it's usually just the one, but generally my optimal number is probably two. If anyone has a league (particularly a money league) and needs an owner, I'm probably in. Would love to find a second, really steady/competitive option.

I only play One for each sport and theyre both here. I have played in multiple leagues before, but it took away from the overall fun and weekly urgency for me.

I just realized I’m scheduled to get my second dose on the 28th. Imma see what I can do to make sure I can make the draft tho
Second dose symptoms usually take at least 12 hours to kick in, and for lots of people are mild, so if it's the same day you should be fine unless the dose is happening at the same time of course. Keep us posted!

The trick is not minding
So, had my draft for my other team on a public league earlier.

Drafted in the 6th position. Not terrible, but I found myself able to draft both Rodgers and Tannehill late in the draft and not even back to back.

RB I was able to nab Chubb, Ekeler, Gordon (should get more carries with Lindsay gone) and Hunt, in case Chubb gets hurt again.

WR I was able to nab Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, Cooper (again), Boyd, and Davonta Smith (decent upside for the rookie, and was a late round nab).

TE continues to be an issue for me in drafts, as once again I waited too long to draft one. Ended up with Hopper, who should be seeing a slight increase in production, and Gesicki out of Miami.

And finally, rounded out the team with Succop at K and GB Defense. The latter should feast easily in whichever QB starts for New Orleans.

Okay, it's been a week and I think we're close to confirmed, with 12.

I'm going to look into Yahoo options today, but temper your expectations because they're usually not that good/flexible.

Hopefully I'll be able to draw draft order tomorrow at the latest.