Congrats to Gideon on 2,000 reviews!


That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
The big 2k! I hope you backed up the server to 3.5" floppies, else you might lose everything at midnight! I'm still saving up for that $475 CD/RW drive so I'm probably screwed. =\

Grats, Gideon. I've only got *counts ...carry the one.... * 2000 more to write to catch up!
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That's a lotta words.
Figured I should run a quick query to see how many words, and including the occasional image code or similar things as "words" for simplicity, the total comes to about 950,000.

A system of cells interlinked

Amazing. Great work!
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about 950,000.
In two months you will be making a thread Congrats to Gideon on one million words in reviews

OMG, I'm just seeing this...thank you so doesn't feel like 2000 reviews...I guess because I enjoy writing them so much. Again, thanks everyone.