What is your favorite movie munchie?


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I love me some home-made kettle corn. Easy-peasy. I melt together to the desired taste and consistency these three ingredients: Butter, Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar. Drizzle it over the popcorn and mix. Sit back and get sticky finders while watching my favorite flick.

Sometimes I eat too much. The stuff is habit-forming, with AM popcorn farts as a side effect.

Wifey doesn't enjoy my recipe. She likes hers mixed with salt, butter, and dry parmesan cheese.

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Holy moley! My panaceas hurts just thinking about it!

Rye Triscuits with onion/chive creme cheese.

I do like to make some homemade Nachos out of Trisquits, using items we usually have in the kitchen:

Align any flavor of Trisquits on a plate, put a dab of salsa on each, place a slice of bar cheese on each, top with chopped raw onions & peppers, (then I like to overlay some thin strips of cheese on top to hold it all together). Microwave until cheese is melty. Then top with chopped fresh tomatoes and apply sour cream (or Axelrod's onion dip sour cream) as desired!

If Guacamole is available you can add that at the end as well, or just some chopped avocado along with the tomatoes.

Note: Other crackers don't work because they won't stay crunchy after you melt the cheese on them in the microwave. But the Trisquits work - just don't nuke them for more than a minute or so.

I mix equal parts of mini pretzel sticks, mini cheese balls, and Pirate Booty in a Ziploc bag. Then I add a sprinkle of Ranch powder, (Kernel Season's Ranch Popcorn Seasoning), and I shake it up. That gives me a nice ranch-flavored snack mix.

BTW, Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning makes other flavors too, so sometimes I'll use a different flavor seasoning, like Garlic Parmesan or Butter, but it's always delicious.
If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

I'm not big on snacking during movies (I might watch a movie with an actual meal at home, but don't think that's what the thread is getting at), but I do have fond memories of hitting up a hakka place with the boys beforehand and finishing up the pakoras during the movie.