Name the Movie/TV Show from the Set


This is a little different and a little more specific than the previous setting game. The first poster will post a specific set from a movie or TV show (if possible, please post the set without any actors on it). The poster will let us know whether the setting is from a movie or a TV show and it will be left to the poster's discretion how specific the correct answer has to be. For TV shows, familiar exterior shots can be employed. If no can figure out the empty set, then the poster can post the set with actors on it. If the set is still unsolved, the poster will reveal and then have the option to post another set or declare OPEN FLOOR. Any Questions? OK, I'll start...this is an exterior from a movie:

Interesting new game.

But this photo to me seems very generic & could be any one of many movies. Looking closely, that must be caution tape in front of the house. So did someone get murdered there?

In any event, I have no clue.
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Bad Times at the El Royale?

OPEN FLOOR if by some miracle I am correct.

It is the inside set for Monk's Diner on

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Definitely not "Friends". Looks like a model or recreation, not a shot of the actual set, but I believe it is supposed to be the apartment of...
"Laverne & Shirley"

If that's correct, OPEN FLOOR.

If anyone guesses this, which Iím sure they will, just play on without me. Itís a movie.

It's San Francisco, obviously. I lived there for a year and a half back in the '90s. I believe it is Ina Coolbrith Park, the Taylor Street side, looking at Alcatraz (duh). I am sure many films and television shows have shot on or around there. Which one Stirchly is thinking of I don't know.