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What should the next Mofo Top 100 Countdown be?


What should the next Countdown be?
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All Time Top 100
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Black & White Films
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Foreign Lanuage
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Decades one is always popular I feel. I said before a black and white countdown could be interesting.

I'd be up for hosting one of these as well.
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I think it makes a lot of sense to start having co-hosts for these countdowns just to limit the burden. Maybe one person handles the math side of things (gathering ballots, accumulating point totals, etc.) while the other takes charge of the presentation.

I'm probably in the minority, but another all-timer doesn't interest me. If that's the route we go, I hope we expand ballots to 50 titles instead of 25 to make things a little more interesting. We wouldn't need a long voting window, either, so that's a positive. Personally, I'd rather us do a proper 2000's (the millennium countdown doesn't count since it also included films from 2010 and 2011) or a 2010's.

Decades one is always popular I feel. I said before a black and white countdown could be interesting.

I'd be up for hosting one of these as well.
You'd be a good host but you'll have to arm wrestling Yoda for hosting privileges (maybe PM him?)

I think it makes a lot of sense to start having co-hosts for these countdowns just to limit the burden...
If someone wants to have a co-host cool, but no way should we ever make it mandatory.

Re: match and coop list curation. I've volunteered to help with the stats and stuff, but the curators I've offered this to tell me the spreadsheet they pass around makes it pretty easy (relatively speaking), so nobody's taken me up on on it yet. I haven't seen the spreadsheet but get the basic concept, so I dunno if I can help that much or not relative to what's already being used. Perfectly happy to try at any point, though.

Although ten years is a nice round number for redoing the all-time top 100, I think it makes more sense to do a 2000s list and a 2010s list before doing that. That said, I'm game for just about anything but musicals.

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A foreign language (non-English) list would be the only thing I'm interested in.

Anyway, don't we need a break? I've scene most of the movies on the lists and still have about 180 to go!

Add me to the people who want to do a 2000s list and a 2010s list before doing an all-time list. I haven't watched enough recent movies over the last 20 years to compile an all-time list of my own that would include recent movies. Doing the 2000s and 2010s lists first would give me the chance to catch up to where most people are with these movies.

If I remember correctly, when we did the 1960s list, we had a bunch of mini-tournaments for each year, leading up the to actual countdown. (I think we did these mini-tournaments for the years 1960 through 1965, but then we just stopped for some reason.) These were great because we had a few weeks to focus on one specific year, and then we voted on them to find the best movies of that year. It made the 1960s list much easier because we were able to watch more movies leading up to the countdown.

We might want to consider reviving something like this for the upcoming countdown.
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My vote goes to 2000s lists. With decades still left, I don't see a reason to deviate from the decade - genre alternation. Also, it's probably too soon for 2010s.

i don't really see a need to do a 2000s list yet when that's basically what the millenium list is. it only has 11 movies from 2010-11. also we've been consistent about doing the decades in descending order, and if we decided to revisit the decades after an all-time list, this would put us in a position of doing something like 2000s-->2010s-->all-time(?)-->90s-->80s-->70s-->60s-->50s-->40s-->30s-->pre-30s-->2000s-->2010s, which is kind of an awkward order.

i also don't see how it's too early to do a 2010s list, but that just might be a difference in how i evaluate movies. like i don't see why my opinion of a movie would change just because a movie has been out for a certain amount of years (aside from my own taste evolving, but that has nothing to do with the film's recency). also i think it's more interesting to get a snapshot of our favorite films of the decade when it's still relatively fresh in our brain, and then we can revisit it years later to see how it changes as the decade is more distant.

my ideal schedule would look something like this (but of course i'll participate in whatever the board decides):
last half of 2020: 2010s
first half of 2021: all-time
last half of 2021: 2000s
first half of 2022: french films (or maybe just european cinema as a whole)
last half of 2022: 1990s
first half of 2023: japanese films (or maybe just asian cinema as a whole)

since we've done most of the easily-categorizable genres, i think it'd also be cool to explore the cinema of individual countries, or continents if countries is too narrow. especially since we might be starting a new cycle of decade lists, it makes sense to pick a new theme for the non-decade ones. foreign films are pretty underrepresented in the lists section and i like the idea of all of us really digging in to one specific place, but of course only if there's enough interest. i think most of us could easily come up with a list of 25 great films from places like france or japan, and we should be able to come up with a good list of 100 but it could become a top 50 if necessary.

i also think a favorite directors list would be really cool. it wouldn't be able to go in the lists section obviously, but i think it'd be worth doing at some point anyway.
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What should the next Mofo Top 100 Countdown be?
A MoFo Top 100 since the last one was in 2010. It's now 2020.

And who will host it?
Not me
Clearly this. I thought it was already decided.

I've personally been looking forward to the new all time one.

I was all over that All-Time List in the past, however, many of the replies here has kinda convinced me otherwise...

Just because it’s been 10 years there’s not really a bigger reason to do it right here and now. I definitely also see the point in doing 2010s/2000s to kind of give everybody a chance to see more movies from every decade and thereby also give more movies a fair chance.

I also see the points made towards not doing 2000s since we already kind of did it. I guess I would be fine with just the 2010s and then the All-Time, but honestly I’m fine with tossing 2000s in there too. I realize I’m in no rush to really do that All-Time list right now.

Another vote for an all-time countdown from me

I think the "neatness" of a decennial all-time MoFo list is absolutely a reason to do it now. I'd be so intrigued to find out how much the list will change over 10 years with so many users coming and going. And we've already pretty much done the millennium so I think we'd be treading over old ground there.

And as someone said, we wouldn't need so much preparation time. Most people's all-time lists are pretty well-established at this point plus as a snapshot of our collective tastes as they are in 2020, there's really not much need to try to "catch-up" with unseen movies like we go with the genre lists.

i also don't see how it's too early to do a 2010s list, but that just might be a difference in how i evaluate movies.
The reason I consider it's too early is merely the fact that I still have lots of films from 2019 that I haven't seen. And that's only the films I'm aware of at the moment. It usually takes a while for lesser-known films to land on people's radars.

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I really don't think a 2010's one should be done now because it's too soon and I'm sure there's loads of films to catch up on, especially toward the end of the decade.

A 2000's one would be fine, but that can be done ANY time, also it's sort of been done in the millenium list.

The All Time list is the "Main Event" as far as I'm concerned and I just think it would be nice to make it a decade in between special event, it would be messy if the Olympics were every 4 years, and someone went, "you know what lets do something else, we can do the Olympics next year".

I am admittedly a little bias as well because I joined the forums in 2010 just after the all time list was done or being done so I'm fairly sure that I missed it, and I've been looking forward to it for a couple of years now as we approached 2020.

We are also only halfway through the year so 2 lists could be slotted in, maybe get the ball rolling with the 2000's one now with voting to conclude say end of sept for an October list, then get the votes in for early December for an all time list to run mid December to the end of year.

IF we do an all time next, i'm also for expanding the ballots to 50 titles instead of 25.
50 titles on a ballot would mean twice the work for the host and maybe less people turning in full ballots too. It's an interesting idea though and of course it would be the call of the host.

I'm definitely against doing a ballot of 50 for any list. Too much work all around.

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Was it 50 for the last all time I take it? I'm sure 25 would be fine, Empire magazine only allowed 10 votes on their reader all time lists.