What actor/actress was in these movies?


Maggie Smith in the middle. Cybill Shepherd bottom photo? Maybe.
That is Maggie Smith and Cybill Shepherd
Here's another shot from the film with Cybill Shepherd:

I think the movie with Cybill Shepherd is probably The Last Picture Show.

Is the girl on the left in the first picture a young Helen Hunt?
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Timothy Bottoms
Rollercoaster, Love and Pain and the Whole Damn Thing, and The Last Picture Show

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All I got is Ellen Barkin in the great Diner.
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Here's a shott from another movie the actor was in.

Sean Penn, but don’t know the movie.

The Sean Penn picture is from the movie Mystic River.

I don't recognize the movies in the other pictures, but the actor is probably Kevin Bacon. He's been in a lot of movies that I haven't seen.

The top shot is from The People Vs Larry Flynt, the Sean Penn shot is from Mystic River and the Anthony Hopkins shot looks like Silence of the Lambs, but having trouble connecting one actor from all three.