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Anime Music


So, let's put both of the topics on this sub-forum into one conversation. I was watching a video talking about the 10 best anime openings and that got me in the mood to go hunting for some good anime music. What are some of your favorites. This barely covers my interests but it's a good start:

My favorite anime/film music are Hisaishi's scores for Miyazaki's films (I have noticed that I liked his Miyazaki scores more than his scores for other directors, maybe because he makes scores that are adapted for the mood for the movie). I love the combination of music and film/TV and many of my favorite movies and TV series are characterized by the heavy use of music.

Though I personally dislike most music used in the openings/credits of anime films and series because I find J-pop to be a bit sappy, though I usually like the scores used during the series and movies.

My favorite film score of all time is Princess Mononoke score with it's super melodramatic violins:

Haibane Remnei has the best score among TV anime I have watched:

Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa also boast some incredible scores:

Among anime pop music the one I prefer the most is the closing theme of PMMM, though I don't love it just like it with is rare for pop music (or music that are heavy in pop elements):

wow, been long time not see it , it's still cool af
"Фильм призван вызвать духовную волну, а не взращивать идолопоклонников."