Celebrity crushes


Well, at my age, the word crush doesn't sound right. Unless I've just fallen down, and broken something.

Hey, you and I both have our sexual primes to look forward too. if only my body can take it though.

I had a slight crush on:


back in the day.
The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands. Sir Richard Burton

Hey, you and I both have our sexual primes to look forward too. if only my body can take it though.
At this point in my life, I could care less if I ever get involved again, or not. hehe

"Slight crush" on Glynnis O'Connor?
I don't get the joke. Do explain. I like the movies I've seen her in, though.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Or maybe "we" STILL even have more than "slight crushes". In the '70s, I thought every hot-blooded boy was in love with Glynnis, let alone have a crush on her. Seventh is just a youngin', therefore the "crush" idea.

Will your system be alright, when you dream of home tonight?
I used to be addicted to crystal meth, now I'm just addicted to Breaking Bad.
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If I were buying a laser gun I'd definitely take the XF-3800 before I took the "Pew Pew Pew Fun Gun."

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
You only have a decade on me Mark, at this stage in life that is like a weekend at a strip club.
I'll take your word for it because I'm so pathetic, I've never been to a strip club, even if I drive by one going to/from work every day.

OK, that makes more sense. I thought you were teasing because you didn't like her. I was going to say, "She's a doll, dude. What's wrong with you?"

Originally Posted by mark f
She looks sweet. Who is that, John-Boy?
Isn't she in that weird looking movie with the pregnant blond that pees in a sink?

That movie looked as dumb as hell. I just thought I would toss that in there.

Will your system be alright, when you dream of home tonight?
She looks sweet. Who is that, John-Boy?
The beautiful Mrs. Tina Fey

The Adventure Starts Here!
In chronological order of cru****ude:

Roddy McDowall

Jerry Lewis (I'd watch all 26 hours of the telethon each year just to watch him! I'd get mad about the cutaways to local telethons each hour)

Jack Wild (from HR Pufnstuf)

Gene Wilder (to this very day!)

Weird Al Yankovic (also to this very day)

The Gene Wilder crush took on a life of its own in high school -- to the point where my yearbook is filled with signings from friends that say things like "To Mrs Gene Wilder" or "Remember me when you grow up and marry Gene Wilder."

Someone started a rumor that he was not only taking me to the prom but had secretly married me over one of the breaks. Even some of the teachers were in on it after a while. It got, well, weird.

But funny ... mostly.

The Adventure Starts Here!
Oh, and we had a daughter named Melanie at one point too -- I'd forgotten that till just now.

Naturally, we named our daughter Mel after ... well ... Mel Brooks.

Call it what you want. It's weird.

The beautiful Mrs. Tina Fey
Yep, that's the movie I meant. Baby Mama.

I thought she had a good 5-10 years on me. I'm a year older. Go figure.

Katherine Heigl, Kate Hudson and Hayley Williams - all very crushilicious.
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I’ve never cared much for love—or lust—from afar, but there have been some actresses who certainly got my attention. Our Girl Friday a British film released in 1953 (when I was 10 years old) was sort of a forerunner of Gilligan’s Island with a ship-load of Howell-like dandies and one able seaman, Kenneth More, ship-wrecked on a desert island. The one thing I remember to this day about that movie is that Joan Collins just barely wore a bikini in almost every scene. She and pieces of that bikini kept showing up in my dreams for years!

Another actress that I thought was about the hottest thing I ever saw on film was Kim Novak. Saw a lot of her films in my early teens. Her with that cat and that purring sound in Bell, Book, and Candle still drives me up the wall.

I also enjoyed watching Annette Funicello growing up—and out—on the Mickey Mouse Club. My second wife looked so much like her that they could have been sisters.

I also spent a few years with a lady who strongly resembled Marsha Mason.