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I warmed the Jello, dude...
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I warmed the Jello, dude...
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We watched that Sci-fi show called Tin Man the last few nights. Pretty good stuff. I'll say one thing for the Sci-fi channel, their shows are a good deal better than their so called Sci-fi channel original movies. Which are mostly just movies that were put out straight to DVD or Video.
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Saving Grace Season 1

Really good stuff. I skipped this the first time around because of all the God stuff. I shouldn't have. Sometimes I need to just get out of my own way a bit and sit back and enjoy things.

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I know what you mean. I've found it is the things I resist most that I need to allow into my life, heart and mind.

Saving Grace Season 1

Really good stuff. I skipped this the first time around because of all the God stuff. I shouldn't have. Sometimes I need to just get out of my own way a bit and sit back and enjoy things.

I've watched at some episodes of hustle, It's a british tv-show about a team of con artists who try to steal money from people who don't desearve it. I think it is very good, a lot of humour, just the right amount of drama and action and various plot twists that make sense.

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The Closer season three is one of the things I'm watching as I get the disks from the library. I'm not happy with the menopause storyline but maybe I'm just sensitive about that sort of thing.

For the most part the show is funny and has great characters. The Southern accents are mostly not authentic but I really enjoy the show.

Thaaank youuuuu Liiieuuutenant! I love that show. Good stuff BD.

We just finished up the first season of Dexter and I'll tell you what this is just the kind of twisted dude I particularly enjoy. Very good stuff. Got season 2 all ready to go next. Can't wait.

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I enjoyed the first season of Dexter too! I'm looking forward to seeing season 2.

It is however, the kind of show I need a watching buddy to see. Otherwise it might creep me out.

Btw, I can't watch the opening sequence without getting squicked out. LOL.

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Finished watching Season one of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, and that's pretty good, a television budget version of one of my favourite film series. Can't wait to see where they go with it.

Also, I'm watching the second season of the BBC series Robin Hood, which has many many glaring anachronisms (most notably in costuming, I.E. soldiers wearing modern army berets, anything Marian wears, and Gisbourne's not very medieval leather coat), but I enjoy the humour and fast paced action very much. The actor playing the Sherriff of Nottingham is fantastically evil and quite funny.
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The Sarah Conner Chronicles ranged, for me, from just barely watchable to ART. The next to last episode of the first season BLEW me away! The writing was just that good!

Of course it helps watchability wise that they have Lena Hedley in it. YUM!

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Summer Glau is a very talented and likeable young lady but, for me, Lena is a more smoldering talent.

Firefly ROCKED! I didn't know that until I borrowed the boxed set from the library. It was soooo good! I want more!

Lena shmena... Summer Glau, Ahhhhooooga!

God I miss Firefly.

Have you seen Serenity yet? It is a fantastic conclusion to the series and sadly it will probably be the last visit we ever get to the Firefly universe.

Just finished up season 2 of Dexter. Pretty good stuff. It sure was nice to see Jaime Murray, she was also on that excellent show called Hustle from across the pond. And she was just a complete nut job! Loved that. It's a pretty twisted show and not for the faint of heart though I'd say. It deals with some pretty dark stuff. But me? I like dark stuff. So I will anxiously be waiting for season three.

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Ok I've got a few shows that well I really am a jerk for not watching them before. BSG, Lost, Weeds, and Veronica Mars.
I really cant wait to see BSG, I've never seen such an amazing tv show that has made me stop and think about things in my own life. The show for me has hit home a lot and I've enjoyed watching it. As for the other shows mentioned they are pretty damn addicting also!

Tin Man. 10/10
If you loved the Wizard of OZ, you have got to see this one. It is definitely not the same old story, but it is really well done, and they tie in all the elements of the old WOO. Great story, forgot to rent the 2nd disc, and liked it so much, I had to watch the rest online!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 7/10
Ok. This is a show I totally avoided because I thought it would be total cheese. And it kind of is, which is why it gets a 7 instead of a 10. Because I hate, hate HATE all Sarah's whining - in the show itself, and the voiceovers. I spend that time rolling my eyes. But then...I'm not a mother. Plus, I hated John's Season 1 hair. UGLY! But yes, in a moment of serious end-of-my-rope boredom, I rented this show, and while its definitely no Prison Break, it'll do in crunch time.
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Britain's Got The Pop Factor

The greatest TV satire in years...

I think that Peter Kay is fast becoming a national treasure (apart from his stand-up, which I've never had much time for) and I imagine that some of the X Factor morons would have been quite confused here - it's almost too good.

When 2 Up 2 Down were announced at the start I almost wet myself.
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