Rambo: Last Blood


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“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!” ~ Rocky Balboa

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I question his lack of mullet and headband, though I suppose he got rid of them as he finally found peace at home and they are ostensibly symbolic of his battle experiences.

I can't say I'm too fussed by how it looks, though hopefully the "last" part means they do send him out on a (relatively) high note rather than have it play like just another adventure like the previous one (supposed finality of him going home be damned). I'll probably end up seeing it anyway.
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The vibe I got was Blood Father, which is...not ideal.

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
The vibe I got was Blood Father, which is...not ideal.
Only seen a couple minutes of that one. Don't intend to try and seek it out. Even if I do want a Mel Gibson resurgence.

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Yeah, I had some fun with it but it doesn't hold up in retrospect. Essentially a B-movie where he faces off against the Cartel, which is what Last Blood unfortunately looks like.

He's bigger, he's badder, and probably got a 3am bladder.
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Loved it.
Nice shooting son, what's your name?

The film seems like advertisement of Trump's wall on the border of Mexico . Mexicans are shown to be lawless and violent , and the PC brigade is going to hate the film big time . I didn't like it for other reasons . Here's my experience of the film---

Walked halfway out of screening of 'Rambo : last blood' .

Basically it's the same scenario of Liam Neeson's 'Taken' series of movies---that of rescuing a beleaguered young girl related to the older hero from human traffickers . In 'Taken' series Liam rescues his own daughter and here Sylvester Stallone plays a role of rescuing his foster niece .

The girl is of Mexican origin and has been dumped by her father after her mother died . She is growing up now in a ranch in Arizona in USA under care of John Rambo and her grandmother . All of a sudden she develops an itch to meet her father and despite warnings that he doesn't care for her and that it is dangerous for a girl of seventeen to go alone to Mexico , she drives all alone to Mexico . Even though she has been told that the girl who promised her to meet up with her father is a bad girl . Then why does she go ? Obviously the moviemakers could not think of anything intelligent as reason for her to fall in trouble . So a lame reason was invented .

Predictably , the girl who enticed her to Mexico sells her off to a brothel . I could see this coming . So what's new....don't all guardians of girls who are going into lawless territory worry about this only ? So old Rambo has to once again get ready his guns and his trusted knife and drive down to Mexico .

Before this happens he is shown living in a series of tunnels in the ranch . He is still afflicted by visions of what happened to him in Vietnam decades ago and has to take pills to ward off those visions .

Once Rambo reaches Mexico he directly goes into the liar of the human traffickers searching for his foster niece and gets surrounded and beaten and brutally slashed on his face by a knife . Meanwhile rapists have been let loose like wild dogs on his niece and other kidnapped girls and the niece is drugged by injection .

So Rambo's and his niece's condition is presumably going to get worse before it gets better . But I didn't wait for it to get better and walked out because for a person used to watching Bollywood , films on kidnapped girls forced into brothels is regular fare ; nothing new at all . In all probability old plodding Rambo will still show the capacity for unleashing mayhem full of blood and gore later in the film . But until now I was neither enthused by Sly's acting nor by the first half of the movie. Never ever reviewed a Rambo series movie before but this was the worst---at least the part I saw .

To be fair that's been the nature of Rambo since the sequels started hasn't it? looking for some foreign nemesis's to take down and Mexican drug cartels have been the enemy of choice in this kind of film for years before Trump.

In its favour I would say its the first time since the original that there's been much effort to show Rambo as genuinely messed up. If theres any recent influence here I would say its arguably Lynn Ramsey's You Were Never Really Here, I mean its far more straight forward and melodramatic than that film but still a bit of a sense of an unhinged man beating up sex traffickers with a hammer rather than only being a standard heroic story.

This one doesn't look that good to be honest and Stallone might really be just too old for this one.

Just watched it. For me, it was slightly disappointing. Some parts felt too rushed.
I'd give it a 5.5/10.

I'm a big Stallone fan and I was highly disappointed in this one, and I watched with very low expectations. It had nothing of importance to say. You'd think after Sly revisited Rocky successfully in the Creed movies, developing the character further into his older years, that he'd do the same with his second iconic role, but no. There is no character development, the entire plot was ludicrous, and the movie overall was completely unnecessary.

The only thing great about the movie was the performance of Yvette Monreal, the beautiful young actress who I think has a bright future ahead of her.