Has Anyone here seen :


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I would like to know if any of you people have seen "The Watcher?
and if so what do you think of it ?(in other words is it worth seeing?
Cheers ?
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Is that the Keanu Reeves movie? The one where he plays a stalker who has one cop who's always on his tail or somethin. It's alright, not that great.

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i think i wrote on that in the movie reviews thread - it has its own thread.

unless you're into keanu reeves or can put up with him to watch the other guy (just forgot his name) then no, do not even RENT this movie. it's not particularly engaging.

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I saw it a while ago (probably commented on it as well), it's not all THAT bad a movie to watch...The ending is a bit abrupt, seems like they just had to rush it to get it done on time, but otherwise, it's not the worst thing out! Keanu Reeves is quite good as a serial killer, certainly not like his usual roles...I think the film is worth having a look at least, then you can judge for yourself (don't wanna give away too much)!
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i did not like this movie. I thought the whole concept was unbelievable.

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Long time ago there was a very dark (&dull) late-nite-tv movie I saw called "The Watcher" it was about somebody who had to stand between the world and UltimoEvilStuff & when that person died he or she (she in this case) had to find a successor to do ditto -- so of course it was our Hero Who Loved Her that had to take over when old UltimoEvil did her in or she just died or something. I think I went to sleep during that part, which suggests what a red-hot movie it was.
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