Scary Movie 4 posters


What do u think?
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How many of these are they going to make? the first 2 were good but that last one was kinda weak.
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I thought the first was actually pretty damn funny the second was pretty much all non-funny and the 3rd had a few pretty good laughs so i will probobly end up seeing this on dvd.
The posters are funny btw
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The Saw one was funny.

The War of the Worlds poster looks just like the Ring poster they did for Scary Movie 3.....boobies
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I think I'll see this in theaters. Who knows? maybe Dr. Phil will help.

Looks interesting, I saw the other ones in the theatres and I got a few good laughs so ill probably end up seeing this one in theatres also

I was actually surprised at how many laughs I got out of part 3. I think I just find the Zuckers to be funnier than the wayanses.

If that's how you spell it.
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im sure theyll pull it off again, id love to see the make fun of saw... i honestly cant wait i liked em all so far..
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yeah there good for a laugh no doubt I will be seeing this.
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i love the saw one. but the war of the worlds gimic is pretty funny as well