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I don't know what to say, other than this:

If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor, and go see this one on the big screen. It's King Kong, and it's absolutely stunning. This is why we go to the movies. This is what film is all about. Action, suspense, romance - multiplied ten thousand times. An instant classic.

Take your kids, your loved ones, your significant other - and see this picture. It's a breathtaking, edge-of-your-seat, heartbreaking, timeless movie. And no matter what the cast list tells you, King Kong is the star (and what a star he is).
100% agree I think its the best film ive seen this year.

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I thought the best film made this year was hands down Cinderella Man, that was until I caught King Kong today. Jackson was able to make the remake of a classic another instant classic that people will love for years. The three hour length of the fiilm, which I thought might be too long at first, flew by and left me the happiest I've been in a long, long time after watching a movie.
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I agree this was a fantastic remake. The chemistry between Naomi Watts and Adrian Brody was very believable, while Jack Black was outstanding in a character that is not his typical portryal. Of course some of the scenes were a little far fetched, but that is expected. I still enjoyed it very much.

Absolutely stunning. Can CGI get any better than this? But as great as the visuals were, the connection between Ann and Kong was even better. Without that, there's no movie even with great visuals.

Have I said how much I love Naomi Watts? Perfection. She has a 30s look and for a role that called for mostly facial expressions and body language, she nailed it. You're not alone Kong, I love her too.

Adrien Brody, very good. How great is it to have terrific actors like Watts and Brody in a movie like this? It makes all the difference in the world. Brody, like Watts, can convey more with his eyes, tone of voice and expressions than most actors with pages of dialogue.

Jack Black, the one I had doubts about. But not now. He was well suited for the character he played.

Kong, he might win the oscar. What a fantastic job by all involved. And again, not just the imagery but the emotion and connection with the audience.

Peter Jackson has done it again. He made a classic with LOTR and he's made another with Kong. It's no easy task to take a familiar story that's been done twice and make it fresh and exciting. The 1933 Kong will always be a classic, primitive tho it was. That was part of its appeal. But I'm afraid the 1976 Kong just took a giant nosedive. From now on, it's the 33 and 05 Kong.

This is more than a giant ape falls for girl movie. The savagery on Skull Island reminds us that life is savagery. At its most basic, it's kill or be killed. Human civilization hides that fact but the crew who venture onto the island are reminded of it very quickly. Kong lives with that savagery and is savage himself. That's the key to survival on Skull Island, be more savage than the next guy.

But when Ann comes into Kong's world, some new elements are introduced. There are several emotional facets to Ann and Kong's relationship. But instead of trying to describe them, see for yourself. It's well worth the trip.

Rating: A
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I really enjoyed it. i think it was perhaps the first time for me that cgi didn't LOOK so much like cgi. But moreover it was just a really engaging movie, the likes of which I rarely see these days. I'm always saying how i'd be fine watching just about nay movie on DVD, but in the case of King Kong i really think I would have missed out if I'd waited for the DVD release.
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