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Day of the Dead: Contagium

At the recent Fantasia Film Festival, the folks behind Day of the Dead: Contagium previewed ten minutes of rough footage for the audience.

Now, for anyone who wasn't fortunate enough to attend, here and click on trailers.

Rocky 6

Vin Diesel vs. 'Rocky Balboa'?

According to The Vin Diesel Experience, actor Vin Diesel may be up for a role in Sylvester Stallone the proposed treatment of Rocky 6, playing Rocky's opponent...
Katzenberg is in talks with Sylvester Stallone to bring Rocky over to Dreamworks. The company is quite happy with what Sly's doing for 'The Contender' and are apparently dotting i's, crossing t's, to see that Balboa can safely set up shop at the Shrek stable.

Sylvester and Sage Stallone are apparently the duo negotiating the deal (both plan to star in the film, playing father and son). The only casting rumor thats surfaced is Vin Diesel playing the new opponent. I assume he'd be playing some kind of new hot shot, because the script reeportedly revolves around Balboa's big comeback and a new hot-shot that he has to bring back down to earth".

Blade 4

Blade 4 without Wesley Snipes?

Ain't It Cool News recently sat down with writer/director David Goyer to discuss, among other things, the future of the Blade franchise. The interview revealed some startling facts regarding New Line Cinema's willingness to move the franchise ahead without actor Weslet snipes starring the lead...

We were talking about the ending of BLADE TRINITY at the time. You were tinkering with it and could possibly go in two different directions with it. Are you still working on that?

There are a lot of rumors about the ending, none of which are completely right. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that he dies, or that they changed the ending so that he doesn’t die. I don’t want to give anything away, obviously, but I love it when I read stuff online that is put forward with such complete (authority), and then it becomes canon because other websites pick it up and you just sit there, shake your head and say, “No, you don’t know. That’s not even remotely what’s happening.” But there are definitely different endings that we’ve been playing around with, some versions of which will show up on the DVD as deleted scenes. We’re doing a third test in the coming weeks, and that will be the ending that was scripted. We’ve never tested that ending, so we’ll see how that goes. There were also a lot of differences of opinion as to – and, unfortunately, until the movie comes out, I can’t fully reveal this. But there was a lot of internal dissent between different parties as to what way to go with the ending.

Between New Line and yourself?

And even Marvel, too. It’s actually been quite the happy family in the main, but there are just a lot of different people with wildly opinions about how, as the third movie, it should end. Everyone was very passionate about it, and I was surprised at the positions some of the party took.

I would think that some of this would have to do with maintaining the franchise, and going forward with the Nightstalkers.

Yes and no. I know this sounds crazy, but, originally, New Line… it could go any different direction. There could be another BLADE; there could not be another one. There could be a NIGHTSTALKERS; there could not be another one. There could be another BLADE without Wesley. New Line was willing to do that. It just depends. And I’m not trying to give you a bull**** Hollywood answer, but… at the end of the day all of these decisions are made, first and foremost, because of business considerations. It’s how profitable the film is… the DVD’s… things like that. How much money do they have to pay the star, and does that cut into their profits? Things like that. I remember at one point they were saying, “Oh, we should make another one with DMX.” And just because of DMX, it’ll be $10 million cheaper. But then will it make as much money? I don’t know.

I was going to say that I just received the KILL BILL VOL. 2 DVD the other day. Michael Jai White’s pretty badass with a sword in that deleted scene.

Different people online have said that he should be the new Blade. He’s a good actor, and he certainly knows martial arts. We used to talk about if we did a television show maybe he could play Blade. The difference between Blade and Batman, having another actor play the character, is that, with Batman, there had been the Adam West Batman, and then there was Michael Keaton. And people were wondering how the franchise would continue if it wasn’t Michael Keaton. With Blade, there’s only been one version, and it’s always been Wesley. If it were a prequel, I could see the audience buying it. Would the audience buy it if it wasn’t Wesley and it was a sequel? I don’t know.

The interesting thing with Wesley nowadays is that he does the BLADE movies, and that’s it.

He’s certainly, in the last decade, not really known for much else.


Tom Welling is Superman....Bogus!!!!

Tom Welling has not been offered Superman by Bryan Singer. He wants an unknown in the lead role.

Actors are going to get put on tape starting next week. Singer and his team will then meet actors, sort through the tapes and decide which actors they want to come to Burbank for a final screen test. Word is Superman might be cast as early as September. The search is apparently all over North America. I guess they'll have casting directors in LA, NY and Canada.

Another interesting bit I thought, is Warners are apparently going to rent the Fox studios for the next 2 years (Sounds interesting). Maybe they're just keeping it for the inevitable Superman sequel, Green Lantern could be gearing up - who knows. Just look for a big Warner production to be in Sydney after Superman.

I'll probably see Rocky 6

Too bad Welling isnt superman. I wonder who they going cast
Thanks for the Update Jrs


The Amityville Horror: The revision of the 1979 horror classic will open in theatres on April 15, 2005, three months later than previously scheduled

Be Cool: The sequel to 1995's Get Shorty with John Travolta returning as Chili Palmer, will open in theatres on March 4, 2005, three weeks later than previously scheduled

Ice Age 2: Will open in theatres on March 31, 2006

The Ring 2: Previously set to open in late November, it will now open on March 24, 2005. Yes, that is a Thursday opening

Bond 21: Vic Armstrong is being rumoured as a director. Armstrong has served as the either the stunt co-ordinator or second unit director on many films including three of the four Brosnan pics.

Rob Reiner steps in to WB's remake of The Graduate

Rob Reiner is stepping in to replace Ted Griffin as director of Warner Bros. Pictures' update of The Graduate. After just one week of principal photography, Griffin, a screenwriter who was making his directorial debut on the project, is being replaced, with Reiner in negotiations to take over the reins on what has been called the untitled Ted Griffin project.

The studio has shut down filming, which it plans to resume Aug. 18. Griffin wrote the script for the romantic comedy, which centers on a young woman (Jennifer Aniston) who discovers that her grandmother (Shirley MacLaine) was the basis for the character of Mrs. Robinson in the 1967 film The Graduate.

Elektra Teaser Targeted for Taxi Release

The teaser trailer for Elektra is scheduled to hit theaters with the studio's "Taxi" on October 8 (and will probably be online earlier that week).

Kangaroo Jack Sequel

Well it's wrapped, in the can, finished, ready to scare...

It's not what you think though. "Kangaroo Jack : G'day USA" is actually an animated sequel. For some reason (maybe ah, cos the first one sucked?), Warner decided against doing a full-length live-action sequel and went the toon route. It was originally conceived to be a live-action flick from memory.

The film tells the story of Louis, Charlie and Jessie's efforts to save Jackie Legs from some Australian poachers. Their attempts to save their marsupial mate route them back to the U.S. into the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, where they land right in the pouch of a cross-continental jewl heist.

There's no word yet whether Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson or Adam Garcia are back to reprise the voices of their characters from the first film. It's doubtful


American Pie 4 on the fast track to production

With principal photography slated to begin this September under the guidance of director Steve Rash, best known as the helmer of the 1980s teen hit "Can't Buy Me Love", the script from first time screenwriter Brad Riddell, does not appear to feature any of the major characters. This time around, the focus will be on Matt Stifler, younger brother of Steve Stifler, as Matt is sent to band camp for the summer when he faces expulsion from school. At first, Matt will attempt to wire the camp with hidden cameras to turn it into the set for his own "Girls Gone Wild"-type video, but when he falls for fellow campie Elyse, his efforts to stifle his Stiffmeister ways will surely meet with hilarious results. Eli Marienthal, the young actor who portrayed Stifler's unnamed younger brother in the first two films, does not appear to be returning to the role at this time.

There is no word yet whether "American Pie 4" will be released into theatres next summer, or will follow Universal-produced sequels like "Bring It On Again" and "The Skulls 2" as a direct to video premiere.

Superman 5: Unbelievable

The working title for the upcoming Superflick is Unbelievable. X2's Guy Dyas has joined the project as the new production designer, replacing Owen Paterson, who along with costume designer Kym Barrett have left the project.

The casting directors auditioning contenders for the next Man of Steel are using scenes from 1978's Superman: The Movie.

Eight-page "sides" we were able to see include three scenes from Richard Donner's film. Two are "Clark Kent" scenes while the last one is a "Superman" one. The first is the scene when Clark Kent meets Perry White and Lois Lane on his first day of work at The Daily Planet.

The second scene is later that day when Clark and Lois are exiting the Planet and he uses the word "swell." The last scene is the interview between Lois Lane and Superman in her penthouse apartment. It ends right before he takes her on their nighttime flight over Metropolis.

Passion of the Christ's Jim Caviezel and his manager Beverly Dean, spoke about the rumors that he might play Superman. "Would he like to do it? He loves Superman," said Dean. "But the truth is there has been no offer, the script isn't even finished – but absolutely he'd be interested

Damn isnt the New Superman Movie Called Superman Returns? Im not sure if you posted that title but thats what i heard? Anyways i kind could see Jim Caviezel as superman but you know who i thought was a pretty good superman Dean Cain.

Originally Posted by Zzat
Damn isnt the New Superman Movie Called Superman Returns? Im not sure if you posted that title but thats what i heard.

I read that too somewhere a while back yet I knew it was strictly bullsh*t, I didn't bother posting it. Sorry. Though I hope you enjoyed the rest of updates.

Originally Posted by jrs
I read that too somewhere a while back yet I knew it was strictly bullsh*t, I didn't bother posting it. Sorry. Though I hope you enjoyed the rest of updates.
i did keep us updated

Hello Salem, my name's Winifred. What's yours
im glad tom welling didnt get the superman deal, hes good in smallville but he's playing a 17/18 year old there. I know he's like 27 but i dont think hed fit that role well. Dean Cain and Christopher Reeve will always be superman to me, no matter who does the remake.

Hey Jrs i think AvP will make the release date

Someone Save Us College Kids
Originally Posted by jrs

* Ring 2 Delay Note - Ring 2's release date was moved ahead due to production delays, a last-minute director switch last spring and a need to coordinate with actress Naomi Watts' schedule.

Elektra (January 14th, 2005)

The story will follow Elektra as she befriends a family she was hired to kill by the Order of the Hand, an elite group of assassins.

Both Ben Affleck (Daredevil) and Colin Farrell (Bullseye) will make cameo appearances in Jennifer Garner's upcoming action flick.
While Ben is reportedly going to be in some sort of dream sequence, it's unclear as to where or why Colin is in the film.
The movie also stars Goran Visnjic, Will Yun Lee, Terence Stamp and Bob Sapp.

Cabin Fever 2 - (TBA 2005)

Movie Hole is reporting that Lions Gate are readying a sequel to Eli Roth's smash-hit "Cabin Fever", for release sometime next year.

Though no principal actors have been signed yet, Actor Robert Harris has signed to reprise his role as Man Cadwell, the owner of the general store, and one of the few who actually survived the flesh-eating virus of the first film.

Adam Green is penning the follow-up. No word on whether Eli Roth will be involved.

Scooby Doo 3 - (Cancelled)

According to Sci Fi Wire , Matthew Lillard, who played Shaggy in the two "Scooby-Doo" feature film, told Sci Fi Wire that plans for a third installment have been scrapped.

"There will be no Scooby 3," he said. "I think Warner Brothers made a mistake releasing it at the time they did. I think the movie's much better than the first movie, and I honestly thought it was going to do ridiculously good box office. But we had a bad timeslot. We had 13 movies open up in two weeks after we opened up. I mean, it did well, but it didn't do great, and it needed to do great."

X3 - 20th Century Fox has terminated its two-year deal with Bryan Singer and his Bad Hat Harry production company -- in the middle of its first year -- in the wake of the director's signing last month with Warner Bros. Pictures to direct a new Superman feature. Singer, who has begun working out of Superman's production offices at Warners, has not signed an overall deal with Warners, though he is developing a Logan's Run remake for the studio as well.

Superman V - According to Superman V , with the search for Superman stepping up, Bryan Singer has offered the role of Superman to Tom Welling! This will please many fans as he is BY FAR the most requested for the role. The offer is on the table and we believe it is a two-picture deal. With Singer wanting to get his Superman soon he wants an answer sometime before the end of the month.

Will Aliens vs.Predator make its release date?

A report over on suggests that FOX's "Aliens vs.Predator" isn't even finished yet - despite being a week away from release.

"The studio is rushing the editors and the special effects houses to get this film ready by it's target release date of August 13th but they are not confident that it will be done by opening day. To make things worse 20th Century Fox has had to cancel the Junket for the film because they know that the print will not be ready in time. Junkets are normally held 1 to 2 weeks prior of the release date so the journalists can see the film and interview the talent involved and finally review the film. Even the films Red Carpet World Premiere that was going to be held at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on August 10th has been cancelled due to the same problem.So will we ybe but it might not be the final version that the studio wanted the audience to see".

In the comic book.
Elektra was ressurected and the people who did it , sent Bullz Eye a video of. Crushed by the fact he had failed to kill here. He set her up at the same place where he stabbed her. Blah Blah you get the point

Release Date Changes:

Meet the Fockers has moved back two days to December 22nd.

Be Cool has moved ahead a month to March 4th.

The Amityville Horror moved ahead 3 months to April 15th.

Thanks for all of the updates.

Your site is great but i rather have it on the thread


Eli Roth Set to Direct The Bad Seed Remake

Warner Bros. has sown a deal to remake the horror pic The Bad Seed. The studio recently released the original on DVD.

Cabin Fever helmer Eli Roth is set to direct and Luke Janklow will produce with Strike Entertainment, whose partners Eric Newman and Marc Abraham scored a hit remake with Dawn of the Dead.The original, about an 8-year-old girl who seems all sugar and spice until she begins killing people, falls neatly into the current studio horror remake frenzy.

Janklow has a family past with the original film that traces back to the founders of Warner Bros. He's a lit agent who works at his father, Mort Janklow's, percentery Janklow & Nesbit. His grandfather, Mervin Le Roy, directed the 1956 film and his great-grandfather was studio co-founder Harry Warner.

"Incestuous is the best way to describe it," said Janklow, who's making his producing debut. "After all, my grandfather directed the original, an assignment that was either approved by my great-grandfather or my great-uncle, Jack Warner."The original, adapted from a hit stage play by Maxwell Anderson, was one of the first to apply Freudian psychology to the psyche of a kid killer, and shocked audiences at the time, Janklow said.

But, he said, there's a reason it was regarded as a camp classic, and favorite of the likes of director John Waters. Like most stage-to-movie transformations of its time, it featured stage-style overacting and looked stilted in its two-camera shoot format.Roth promises a new take with a modern horror sensibility.

Freddy vs. Jason 2: (TBA)

New Line has finally green lighted a script by yet another un known writer Adam Macqueen and has tapped Stephen Norrington who ironically was once attached to direct the original Freddy vs. Jason. Filming is set to start in September for a summer 2005 release much like Freddy vs. Jason. Casting should begin soon, and there is no word yet on where filming will be held.

Is Freddy Vs Jason Vs. Ash a Reality or Not

Rumors began almost immediately after the opening weekend of Freddy VS. Jason. Who would they have battling the duo in a sequel? While there were others - Michael Myers, Pinhead, et al - the one rumor that had the most steam behind it was Freddy VS. Jason VS. Ash, featuring Bruce Campbell's cult character from the Evil Dead series. Now, almost a full year after FVSJ hit theaters, New Line is negotiating - and coming close to a resolution - with director Sam Raimi for that film. Before you go and get too excited, Raimi isn't onboard to direct. New Line is just going to him first because he holds the rights to the Evil Dead franchise and the Ash character. Should he reject New Line's proposition, then there will be no FVJVA movie. It appears though that even if New Line can't get Raimi to agree to have Ash appear in the film, they will be moving ahead with some sort of Freddy VS. Jason sequel. They will move on to another horror icon or instead dream up another way to pit the two villains against each other. What they should of done though was to have had a clear cut winner of Freddy VS. Jason and had that winner go up against another bad guy in another movie, say, Freddy VS. Pinhead. Then take that winner and put him up against another villain and so on. Like a round robin tournament of the greatest cinematic villains played out in a series of movies. The winner at the end could be crowned the supreme bad mother f***er. Wait, that just gave me an interesting concept...Freddy VS. Jules Winfield and Vincent Vega...

Kangaroo Jack Sequel Coming to DVD

Warner Home Video and Castle Rock Entertainment are reviving the Jerry Bruckheimer Kangaroo Jack production as a planned series of animated DVD premiere movies. The feature-length animated Kangaroo Jack: G'Day USA! which is a sequel to the live action Kangaroo Jack motion picture.

The DVD is set for release on November 16, priced at $24.98.

Revenge of the Sith

At the recent ComiCon, got a chance to meet up with one of the most notable Star Wars fans, collecters and newsworthy people. His name is Steve Sansweet. Asked to him were questions in regarding ROTS, Indy IV, the future of the SW universe and more.
So, without any further ado, here is the Steve Sansweet Video . Enjoy.

Superman V: (a.k.a. "Unbeleievable") Casting Call Sheet

Resident Evil 2:Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse International Trailer

Land of the Dead Update:

Shooting will take place in Toronto, Universal is distributing and Dennis Hopper has joined the cast.

Return of the Living Dead 4 Update : Necropolis filming at Chernobyl"

Now, for the first time, a Hollywood feature film -- the zombie movie "Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis" -- has gained access to the infamous site.

Ukrainian-born producer Anatoly Fradis is proud -- despite the obstacles and the cost. "Up to a couple of days before we began shooting, it was touch-and-go whether they would let us in, and I had to pay more than I had budgeted to secure the permission," Fradis says, standing inside Chernobyl's first checkpoint inside the zone.

He's anxious to get started on two days of shooting on-location with director Ellory Elkayem and special effects zombie expert John Vulich of Optic Nerve Studios.

For a zombie movie, there's an odd lack of gore-covered extras with vacant stares. A 1960s open-top, Russian-made Chaika limousine serves as a rock-steady rolling camera bed for 11 scheduled shots here.

Most of "Necropolis" -- the fourth in a five-part series shooting back-to-back -- is shooting at the Bucharest, Romania studios where "Cold Mountain" was made.

The zombie-free Chernobyl scenes are for the opening, in which a rogue ex-CIA agent is seen stealing the world's last five canisters of Trioxyn gas, the lifeblood of the living dead.

"Chernobyl is very spooky and serves our purpose -- we are shooting in all these abandoned towns and villages, with rusting equipment lying around everywhere," Fradis says.

The sense of a post-apocalyptic world dawns as we follow the Chaika around the Chernobyl district.

Grass and shrubs sprout from holes in the sides of crumbling cottages. A graveyard for helicopters, fire trucks and other equipment used in the cleanup operation in 1986 stretches beside a road. In Pripyat, the deserted town that once housed the reactor's work force and their families, children's toys still litter the rubbish-strewn kindergarten, and fading Soviet slogans adorn the sides of gaunt concrete apartment blocks.

It's an unsettling experience that should translate into a chilling opening sequence, perfect for a movie titled "Necropolis."

Vin Diesel on Riddick's Next Adventure

Will someone please give Vin Diesel a ring and tell him "Riddick" is now about as appealing as a squashed cat toasted sandwich?

On the last leg of his promotional push for "Chronicles of Riddick", the muscle-bound stalk again confirmed that he and David Twohy are still going ahead with a second sequel – despite the dire B.O returns of the recent instalment.

According to The Vin Diesel Experience , they’ve even got the storyline nutted out.

"In the next film, Riddick is going to go to the underverse", Diesel tells FilmFocus.Co.Uk . "Riddick will act with new elementals. Not air elementals [as Judi Dench's character is] but fire and water. It'll come full circle in C3 when he must return to Furia".

Diesel says, "The concept behind switching genres was to create a film that you could continue exploring. In the ending of this movie, it's not just something that says we're opening it up so we can tell another story, it's very specific. A very daring ending because it's left open-ended"

"We gave the script to the studio, I bought three leather binders" explains Vin, "One said C1, one said C2 and one said C3. They all had locks on them and we only gave the key to C1 to the studio".

If they do make a third "Riddick" film, how about adding some violence, story and excitement to proceedings. And while they’re at it – extract the PG-13 elements? (Kriszta from The Vin Diesel Experience summed the rating fiasco up best: "Get away with PG-13 ?! Vin, Twohy, you still do not get, why your freakin' movie failed big time?! It was ****ing insulting to the fandom, and if you need money for the sequel, pls do team up with Paul WS Anderson. Then you can do an Alien vs. Predator vs. Riddick movie, rated G". Pricleess!)

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the planned "Pitch Black" TV spin-off. The show, which was set to focus not on Riddick but Kyra, was all set to be a go for The Sci-Fi Channel. Haven’t heard much about it in recent times though, so wouldn’t be surprised if – like the proposed "Van Helsing" series – the poor box office returns of its parents quickly killed it.

The X-Files 2: (TBA)

Gillian Anderson recently spoke about the rumours of a movie sequel - "It does indeed appear that the XF movie will be underway in the next year but a lot has to happen between now and then and a lot can happen between now and then. But it looks promising. Chris does not want to reveal at this point who or what will be in it but I got the impression it's going to be one scary mother.

The Mighty Ducks 4: (TBA)

Former brat packer Emilio Estevez at a recent doo and landed a scoop, "There's another "Mighty Ducks" in the works that he might be doing. This one teams him with Joshua Jackson, who starred in the first two or three films as a kid named Charlie. In this one, Charlie gets into trouble with the law himself and is forced to do community service. he opts to coach hockey team of course and that's when Emilio Estevez is called in to assist. He's also doing a film called "Bobby" which is about the killing of Robert Kennedy, and he wrote the movie too. And there's also a film about the L.A Riots that he is doing with Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Batman Begins in Only 9 Months and 29 Days

In little under a year, all Batman fans will rejoice. Until then, here's just a few things you may enjoy to tide you over before it's release . It's not much but please enjoy....


- Batman Begins Teaser Trailer

- Footage of the Batmobile in Action

- Batmobile on the Streets of Chicago

- Teaser Trailer Stills

Batman Begins Official Site From :


Pics :

The Gotham Post


Dark Horizons has a recent BEGINS scoop that includes info on what the Scarcrow may look like. It also seems to confirm what BOF scooper "MB" said about the look of the character several months ago....

The Devil's Rejects Pics:

Rob Zombie's camp sent over three images from the set of The Devil's Rejects, the upcoming sequel to last year's House of 1000 Corpses.

The film, which boasts one hell of an impressive cast, is set to assault theaters sometime in the first quarter of 2005. I know I'm looking forward to it. Take a look inside The Diabolical Dominion to get an idea of what you can expect....

New footage from Blade Trinity online!

Maxim Online showcases actress Jessica Biel taking on a slew of underworld vampires! Take a look!

MI:3 and Bond 21 News, Release Date Changes etc....

Tom Cruise bails on Mission: Impossible 3 for Spielberg's War of the Worlds

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Pictures is switching its tentpole pictures for next year. Mission: Impossible 3, which has been plagued by director problems, is out, and War of the Worlds, directed by Steven Speilberg and starring Tom Cruise, is in.

The studio said Wednesday that instead of beginning production on "M:I-3" this summer, as had been originally planned, Cruise will instead go directly into Spielberg's modern-day adaptation of the H.G. Wells classic about a Martian invasion of Earth.

"War," which has been in development for some time, will begin filming in November for a release next year -- the exact date has not yet been decided. Cruise hasn't abandoned "M:I-3," though. It will now shoot next summer, with J.J. Abrams, creator of the TV series "Felicity" and "Alias," set to make his feature directorial debut.
Mission Impossible 3 is pushed back a year to Summer 2006

Bond 21: Casino Royale Cast Additions

Vic Armstrong is being rumoured as a director. Armstrong has served as the either the stunt co-ordinator or second unit director on many films including three of the four Brosnan pics.

The Amityville Horror:

The revision of the 1979 horror classic will open in theatres on April 15, 2005, three months later than previously scheduled.

Ice Age 2:

The film opens March 31, 2006, with an overheard title...Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

If Raimi says yes Ash will lose against Jason and Freddy, and there really would be no point in having Ash in cause he'll die very fast, The Boomstick wont have an affect on Jason or Freddy and chainsaw could damage Jason possibly other then that Ash cant do ****.


War of the Worlds....The Most Expensive Film Ever !!!

Recently on Sky News , a remake of The War of the Worlds is reportedly set to become Hollywood's most expensive blockbuster.

The budget for the new movie will exceed the £110m it took to make Titanic, according to The Sun.

However, neither will be paid any money up front. Both have chosen to take a 20% share of box office takings instead. "No expense will be spared," an insider told the newspaper. "Spielberg wants to make it the film of the decade."

A radio version of the story caused panic in America in 1938 when listeners became convinced that Earth was being invaded by Martians.

Holy Sh*t!! It can't be.....A FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH TREATMENT REVIEW?????

Could Julian McMahon from F/X 's Nip/Tuck Be the Next James Bond ? Check out E! Online

ILM Signs Star Wars 7-9 NDAs has received an interesting rumor that Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) employees have had to sign non-disclosure agreements.

You didn't hear this from me, but you might be curious as to why everyone at ILM just signed NDA's saying that they will not discuss Star Wars Episodes 7, 8, or 9. Since they're not being made, why the NDA's? Of course, since when has the flannel one been consistent?

Lucasfilm has repeatedly said that there won't be anymore more films after Revenge of Sith, so we'll have to wait and see what this is all about.

HOLY crap they are going do Freddy vs Jason vs Ash.

Originally Posted by jrs
Could Julian McMahon from F/X 's Nip/Tuck Be the Next James Bond ? Check out E! Online

Lucasfilm has repeatedly said that there won't be anymore more films after Revenge of Sith, so we'll have to wait and see what this is all about.
That would be a good choice for a new bond.

BTW, I wish they would had made those movies; 7, 8, and 9. They shouldn't do it now because they can't have the original actors.
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