American movie with rose petals scene


Hi, I'm trying to look for the title of this movie I saw back in 1996. I can't remember if it was on VHS or LaserDisc, so the movie had to be older than 1996.

I think the movie was about 2 married couples who are friends. 1 of the couples was having problems in their relationship and the second couple wanted to avoid the same thing by looking for ways to spice up their love life. Hence, in 1 scene, the guy from the second couple laid rose petals trailing up to the bed for his wife. However, everything was awkward and the wife actually stepped on a thorn and pricked her foot.

Sorry, I can't remember any of the actors/actresses. The only other scene I remember was maybe a flashback of the first couple before they got married. This couple was having dinner with probably the guy's parents and they snuck off halfway during dinner to have sex, with the parents able to see the silhouette of what they were doing from the dinner table.

Yup, it's not American Beauty. Google search for movies with rose petals always point to American Beauty.

There was a composition shot in a scene in Melancholia (2011) that was very similar to the famous rose petal scene from American Beauty. I instantly thought of American Beauty when I seen it. I don't think there was rose petals though.

Ok, now that I thought back, it might have been the guy who pricked his foot from a thorn among the rose petals, not the girl. Also, the actress in the rose petals scene looked kinda like Tatum O'Neal, but with a gentler face and maybe a more rounded nose.