French dramatic comedy from the the early 2000s


first movie is french dramatic comedy on early 2000 the scenario goes like this, its a guy who is ready to suicide and 2 guys stop him and give him a lot of money buying house cars practically give him everything but everything is fake and the make kind of social experiment on him, scenes from the movie that i remember is tha he asks to fill the pool with champagne, he met a girl and for a date he bought/rented the whole club just for them and last scene i remember is at the end that he tries to escape from that organization and he runs at the airport and one guy from organization is pretending that he is his friend helps him to run away and he fights another guys from the organization who running after them and when protagonist slips away these guys stops fighting each other suddenly creating an awkward situation for the people who are in the airport and were looking the fight scene.

second movie is an american romance also early 2000, its about a teenager who is in last class in highschool but he is a bad boy and in opening scene he crashes his car and in order to come back to the straight way he meets an "ugly nerd" girl and starts giving him private school lessons. scenes that i remember are that she says to him i ll teach you but only if u promise to not fall in love with me, she had leukemia and died in the end, the guys name was logan and he became a doctor because of her.

thanks for the help

thank you, so his name was landon not logan