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I ran into a site that had lots of celebrities' addresses the other day, it's the most complete list I've seen in ages! It had some suggestions on how to write to celebs. and it claimed that they will usually write back with an autographed picture etc. The link was from a warez site, but I downloaded all the addresses (it didn't take that long , so if someone needs an address, just post away, I'm happy to help out! It might be worth it !!

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By the way, has anyone actually tried to write to someone famous?? Any luck?

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Didn't see it.
I've never tried to write anyone famous.
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This is really embarassing and I can't believe I'm doing this since only two other people on the planet know this, but what the hell. I sent Christian Slater an invitation to my high school graduation. LOL. I had a major crush on him back then and I still love him to this day even though he's married and a father now. So anyway I sent him one and my friend sent one to Richard Grieco. I sent it two months before graduation and I got a package in the mail 3 days before the big day. Inside was this white teddy bear in a cap and gown, a crystal long-stem red rose, and a letter congratulating me and wishing me well and saying that he wished he could attend, but he was filming on location. He mentioned that no one had ever sent him an invitation to anything before and signed it, "Much Love, Christian Slater". LOL. I was so excited, I almost fainted. To this day, I think of how silly it was to send him that, but how incredibly sweet it was of him to respond to me and send me gifts no less. I still have everything in the original box that he sent it in. LOL. By the way, my friend never heard from
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Hey Laurie,

thanks for sharing that with us, actually it's a really nice story! I don't think it's silly at all (hell if all of us guys wrote to Pamela Anderson and got gifts in the mail we'd be in heaven on earth )

LOL It's just embarassing now, some 7 years later. At the time, it was heaven and quite the talk at school.

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dam*, that was cool laurie. that was very sweet of him to send such a gift and even such a note! now i'm wondering who i should include in my college graduation invitations .... you never know! there are some actor alumni from Stanford ... Sigourney Weaver ... hmm. or maybe i should just invite President Clinton since his kid is in my class, i wonder what would happen ...

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If shes in your class, wouldn't he be going anyway?
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Actually Miriam, I think that he would come, but by the time that happens, I think he won't be actual President any more! I'm thinking, wouldn't it be cool if you had the actual President come rolling in with his bodyguards, the secret service... Dubya would make one hell of a guest at a graduation!

I tried to invite Former President Bush to a baseball game once. I called his office in Houston, and they told me to send a written invitation. So, I faxed over an invitation for Mr. Bush to come to Amarillo and throw out the first pitch at the first minor league baseball game of the season (I worked for the team at the time. I wasn't just randomly inviting people to catch a game).

His office called me back and respectfully declined the invitation (not that I expected him to really come, but I thought it didn't hurt to ask). At least they were nice and polite to me, though, and we ended up getting a Christmas card from Mr. Bush's office that year, which was nice.

I once sent a Grant Hill basketball card to his team's arena in Detroit to be autographed...never got a reply. Didn't really care though. I may have been a stamp short...the card was a little heavy.

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Well, I've met a few celebrities and got heaps of autographs (I posted it under the thread Celebrity Encounters), but so far I've never written to any of them. But it would be SOOOOOO much better if you wrote, say, to Al Pacino and got an autographed picture of him...virtually priceless!

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Actually,yes,i have wrote MANY celebs before and most
of them replied. There is a great addy for star addresses...

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Wow, sounds good Cheers! Can you tell us about the experiences??
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i have been collecting autographs for about 4 years
and i have 235 right now. alot are in person ones...
although they are 99%country stars....but i have alot
from the mail. you see,people say always use a SASE
well i hardly ever do and i am always getting signed
pics in the mail. my last two were from the drew carey
show....deidrich bader and ryan stiles. both were also
personalized and deidrich wrote a message that made me
know he read my letter. i also bought a friends cast
one with a COA off of eBay for $50.
alot of my addys have come off of the addy i gave you
but alot i just wrote to the drew carey
is on abc so i wrote in c/o abc-tv.
some tips from my experience....dont waste your money and
time with sase...unless it says to send one.
many celebs will send preprints or auto-pens which means
not authentic...dont fret. they often come with cool pics
and if u really dont want one you can sell it on eBay i have
seen many on there
try to be creative...with your packaing and letter content. you want something they will notice.
dont bug them constantly ...some of mine have taken well over 6 months to come
have fun. any specfic things you wish to know i did not mention? i would be happy to help. after all,this is my
hobby and passion!

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Just one thing I don't understand, what do you mean by SASE??

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sorry,should of clairified.
SASE = self addressed stamped envelope

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Thanks for the advice! I'll try it out one of these days...see how I go!

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if anyone is interested i have SOME of my autographs
scanned and on my website. plus MOST of my list is on