Elite: Dangerous


there's a frog in my snake oil

More sordid leakage seemingly.

Does look pretty FDev...
Virtual Reality chatter on a movie site? Got endless amounts of it here. Reviews over here

there's a frog in my snake oil
Elite in minor info shock!

The main news being that they can be individually owned, and do 500ly jumps at will. (IE if you're willing to grind the mystery fuel...)

Could be a neat end-game way to keep all your ships in one place etc.

Don't really know enough about the loadouts yet. (How is the Mining one different from the Explo one etc?)

there's a frog in my snake oil
Haven't bothered to log in to the latest update. Training wheels and cosmetics grinding aren't super appealing

This seeming SNAFU from the new cosmetics site is intriguing though

Lines up with the leak's chat about player owned bases down the line.

EDIT: Oh it seems the weapons reference isn't on the live site either. So possibly another little tell there. Hmmm.

there's a frog in my snake oil
Elite in shock 'actual news news'...

Since the initial reveal of Fleet Carriers, we've examined the concept of predefined load-outs and decided to invest additional time to ensure that fleet carriers offer the same level of flexibility and customization as other ships within Elite Dangerous. We've done this by adding more loadout options to make your carrier unique, and allow for player-to-player interaction like you've never seen before in Elite Dangerous!
  • One of your most frequent questions about Fleet Carriers was: How much do they cost? Fleet Carriers will be a lucrative investment, costing 5,000,000,000cr at launch.
  • Fleet Carriers are individually owned and feature 16 landing pads (of varying sizes) for other players to dock at.
  • Fleet Carriers use a new fuel, Tritium, to jump from system to system.
  • Fleet Carriers have a max jump range of 500LY at one time, with the ability to jump whenever the owner wants, however, they will have a build up and cool down period between jumps.
  • You can manage your carrier's finances by setting tariffs and adjusting the buying and selling prices for commodities traded in it's market.
First Beta coming April 7th

Kinda like the idea that they might generate revenue, acting like mini owned bases. (Even if I really doubt I'll go all spreadsheet king pin and run around undercutting markets etc).

Will be intriguing to see if there's any of this previously mentioned fore-shadowing involved: "In the subsequent updates we will be focusing on bringing in new features, perks and content, including a range of exciting new additions to the game that will build up to this new era."

Think I'll try 'em out in Beta first before even thinking about trying to work up 5bil!. (I've got 1bil tucked away I believe, mainly from an explo jaunt + mining experiment in the last meaningful update).

there's a frog in my snake oil
Ok, they’re definitely credit sinks... 5bil is just for the basic model...

Once purchased, Commanders can choose whether to invest and open up new services on their mobile hubs, including repair docks, refueling stations, shipyards and more. Incorporating player-to-player commerce for the first time in Elite Dangerous, Fleet Carrier owners can also set tariffs on all goods traded on their Carrier's services to support the weekly upkeep costs, from wear and tear maintenance to crew wages and Tritium, a new fuel commodity needed to power the megaships.

Aspiring Commanders will be able to customize their Fleet Carriers to their hearts’ content, adapting these majestic spaceships to their preferred playstyle, but they will also need to plan and balance their finances to cover running costs, as persistent debt that eventually exceeds the debt threshold could see carriers decommissioned and sold for parts.
The weekly costs / potential debt & loss sound a bit pants. Like if they require logins & management on a weekly basis. Meh to that.

Hopefully there’s more to them. And you can just leave them humming along for the most part on the busywork front...


Okayyy, dull as ditch-water time-sinks by the sound of it :/

No mass launching Org fighters, no manning the turrets in a last ditch defence. Just... trade games in the main :/. With exciting debt dangers...

Fleet Carriers - Content Reveal Recap

EDIT: Beta 2 is dialling down a load of costs massively, including getting 99% of your creds back if it gets melted due to debt. The melting thing is supposedly due to performance limits if too many are spawned / left in the same location etc. Passive upkeep / debt while you’re offline still a thing though. Still kinda spreadsheets-in-space meh on the game function front. Bah.

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A screen crackles. Memes of a space pilot’s face threaten to coalesce...

there's a frog in my snake oil
The leaks were correct

6 years+ after launch (and about 3 years after they initially intended)... Elite are finally going to add some character gameplay...

^^pre-alpha teaser now officially uploaded, having been taken down for a bit^^

It will probably be like NMS's super serious uncle, who's no fun at parties. But still, intrigued

(Unless they drop VR support. In which case, I shall go and play Star Citizen )


Official announcement. Seems like station interiors will be a thing too, if perhaps only at key hubs, as the file-diving suggested

The 'full spectrum' boots, vehicles + ships combat sounds potentially promising too.

It's time to disembark, Commander.

We are delighted to share with you a glimpse of the Next Era - Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

Explore distant worlds on foot, expand the frontier of known space and leave your mark on the galaxy as you become the first person in history to explore lands untouched since time began.

So you've disembarked, you're standing for the first time on an unexplored planet. What can you do next? Here's an overview of what you can look forward to in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

One Giant Leap

See the galaxy like never before. Touch down on breathtaking planets powered by stunning new tech, soak in suns rising over unforgettable vistas, discover outposts and settlements, and explore with unrestricted freedom.

Forge Your Own Path

Take on a wide variety of contracts and play your way, from diplomacy and commerce to lethal stealth and all-out combat. Diverse settings, objectives, and NPCs offer endless mission variety and a near infinite amount of content to enjoy.

Assemble Your Crew

Social hubs spread throughout the galaxy give Commanders the ideal place to plan their next move. Form alliances, procure services, and even find expert support in highly coveted Engineers. These public outposts also help you acquire and upgrade weapons and gear to perfect your playing style.

The Sphere of Combat

Experience intense first-person combat, kit out your character with an array of weapons and gear, and coordinate with teammates to master a multi-layered, deep, tactical environment where Commanders, SRVs and Starships converge.

Concept art for interiors:



Aaaand, it’s not going to support VR at launch...

This game just loves to troll me I swear

Ach, having waited 6 years, what’s another year though eh

* Starts researching offline mods that trigger the native VR... *