Training Day SPOILERS (You have been warned)


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OK, so I just noticed something in Training Day. Granted, it's something the rest of you noticed twenty years ago, but it's an interesting detail.

Alonzo is no longer a threat at the end of the movie, but everyone else in Alonzo's crew will not be happy that Officer Hoyt is still breathing. He is a loose end and ya'll shouldn't forget about Dre (he has promised to kill Hoyt) or the three wise men who are implicated in this mess.

Fast forward to the final shot of the film where Hoyt pulls up to his home in his car. Out of focus, in the background, you see a car door open as he exits his car. The implication is that the film closes just before Hoyt gets his ticket punched.

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The ending is a deleted scene, where the some of Alonzo's associates want to know what Hoyt is going to do with the evidence, and then Hoyt tells them and they drive off disappointed if I remember correct.

I feel that Training Day had a bigger plot problem though, wouldn't the police think it was hugely suspicious that there is a freshly dug hole in the floor, of the dead drug dealing suspect, and no one questions this. It certainly raises a lot of questions, and the bad guys don't even attempt to repair the hole, or try to cover up any evidence there.