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Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Filmed under the Nazis' noses.
Is this true? Shooting for the film began in January 1945. The American forces took possession of Rome on 4 June 1944.
Evidently not.

Rome, Open City (1945) Trivia

Roberto Rossellini began shooting the film two months after the Nazis left Rome in June 1944.
You guys busted me the last time I posted that.
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You guys busted me the last time I posted that.
Really? Can't remember. But I can't remember what I had for dinner today and I'm eating my dinner right now.
心在你身邊 就算隱形亦有一天遇見

58 points, 4 lists
92. The Skin I Live In


Pedro Almodóvar, 2011


Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, Marisa Paredes, Jan Cornet

59 points, 4 lists
91. Raise the Red Lantern


Zhang Yimou, 1991


Gong Li, Ma Jingwu, He Saifei, Cao Cuifen

Yay, a rare twofer
I like both The Skin I Live In and Raise The Red Lantern but good as they are neither were ever truly in contention for my ballot.

Seen: 5/10 (Own: 3/10)

Faildictions ((バージョン 1.0):
90. Xiao cheng zhi chun [Spring In A Small Town] (1948)
89. Wu Lang ba gua gun [The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter] (1984)
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I like Raise the Red Lantern but didn't consider it for my list. Haven't seen the The Skin I Live In and didn't vote for any Almodovar films in the end. I feel like I should watch it soon, though, especially after seeing Eyes Without a Face.

I'm 6/10 on the list so far. I feel like, as host, I should have seen more. I should have used the weekend after the votes were in to watch some of the films I hadn't seen, instead of a dozen episodes of The Office...

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I love The Skin I Live In. It didn't make my ballot, but woul be just outside it. I've seen 7/10 so far on the list.

I should have used the weekend after the votes were in to watch some of the films I hadn't seen, instead of a dozen episodes of The Office...
You never know, The Office might show yet ..... I do think that once we get past #75 it is highly unlikely though.

Welcome to the human race...
Yeah, gotta have some patience.

The Skin I Live In is solid enough, a real hard turn into genre fare for Almodovar where you can definitely question whether the sheer transgression on display was worth it (and noting a similar streak throughout his films, especially his more explicitly comical ones, makes me a little hesitant to think of him as a genuinely great filmmaker). Have to wonder what the odds are that he'll show up on this list again.

Haven't seen Raise the Red Lantern.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

The Skin I Live In was a honorable mention for me. It featured a strong performance from Antonio Banderas as a surgeon who has big plans as well as a broken heart. The mad scientist story is pretty familiar, but Pedro offers some solid production and directorial choices as well as script a story that goes in some unexpected directions.

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My ranking of the ones I have seen so far:

1. The Skin I Live In
2. The Exterminating Angel
3. Rome, Open City
4. The Vanishing
5. Nights of Cabiria
6. Last Year at Marienbad
7. Paprika

There are better movies with the same concept as The Vanishing, but it's a fine simple watch. Just didn't capture me as much as I expected, been years though. I recommend a Mini Series called The Cry if you enjoyed this one.

Haven't seen the other

None from my list yet
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

Tomorrow's two films are both ones I voted for, just in case that helps anyone with their faildictions
Hmmmm, tempted to switch to...
90. The Office - S2E5: Charity (2002)
89. The Office - S1E4: Training (2001)
...but I'm a gambler so will risk sticking with what the system originally chose

Woohoo! One from my list made the countdown!

I had Raise the Red Lantern as my #6. It was my nomination in the Second Chance HoF in which it 'won' and was inducted into the Hall of Fame Archives. I'd like to think I helped that movie make the countdown, it's a deserving movie for sure.

"I loved Raise The Red Lantern. First off, the film has a confined world, set in the manor house of a rich nobleman and all we see is life from this one narrow and focused angle...and that appeals greatly to me. I like to step into the world of the film and spend time there with the characters, so to speak." CR My full review: Raise the Red Lantern

Two from my ballot today!

Raise the Red Lantern was a nominee in the MoFo Hall of Fame awhile back. I had no idea what to expect from it. What I got was a very beautiful film with an intriguing story that really drew me in. It's been a few years since I last watched it, but it left enough of an impression to land it at #23 on my ballot.

I watched The Skin I Live In in preparation for the MoFo Horror Countdown. I loved it instantly. It's sexy, it's playful, and it's very stylish. I've watched it numerous times since then and if I ever redo my personal top 100, it's sure to be included. It was my #2.

I haven't seen any of the movies from the previous two sets.

My Ballot:
2. The Skin I Live In (#92)
8. Paprika (#100)
23. Raise the Red Lantern (#91)
25. He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not (One-Pointers)

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