My greatest actors and performances of all time


This might just do nobody any good.
Alberto Iglesiasí actual score is so good! This alone conjures up powerful amounts of nostalgia and melancholia.

12 Matthew McConahay

Top six performances

1 true detective

2 Dallas buyers club

3 Interstellar

4 Mudd

5 free State Jones

6 dazed and confused

13 James Dean

Top 3 and only performances

1 East of Eden

2 giant

3 rebel without a cause

14 Robin Williams

top five performances

1 good Will hunting

2 one hour photo

3 good morning Vietnam

4 the awakenings

5 mrs Doubtfire

1. Marlon Brando
1. On the Waterfront
2. A Streetcar Named Desire
3. The Godfather
4. Last Tango in Paris
5. Julius Caesar

15 Tom Hardy

Top five performances

1 The revenant

2 Bronson

3 Locke

4 taboo

5 The dark Knight rises

16 Rutger Hauer

If only this guy chose to do more intense roles like Blade Runner I would without a doubt put him right to the top of my list. Not only is he my personal favourite actor of all time, but also a great writer as some of the tears in the rain dialogue belong to him and him alone

Top 3 performances

1 blade Runner

2 soldier of orange

3 Sin city

17 Dustin Hoffman

Top four performances

1 Rainman

2 The graduate

3 Marathon man

4 all the Presidents men

18 Michael Fassbender

Top five performances

1 Alien covenant

2 Hunger

3 shame

4 inglorious bastards

5 Frank