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I watched this Friday on my day off. Very quickly:

I thought the visuals were great. I agree with a poster above that it could have been 20-30 minutes shorter. Acting in the first 20-30 minutes was weak and felt like a made-for-TV movie but eventually it settled into a decent pace.

WARNING: "Plot considerations marked as a precaution!" spoilers below
There were a few very interesting, but ultimately useless red herrings. My feelings are either expand on them or remove them to save on run time. Sadly, they were more interesting that what is really going on in the story.

Acting was average but, surprisingly, Bill Hader saved the movie for me. Several times! I did not care much for the ending and while the attention given to the individual characters was nice, it ran on far too long and quickly felt like a modern effects version of A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors. That is not a bad thing, mind you. Encounters were mostly fun, but it did feel a bit predictable and rehashed after a while. Oddly enough, there was a shot near the end of the movie showing an old movie reader board listing A Nightmare on Elm Street playing in the Derry theater. Huh...

All in all it was still fun, especially with Hader's control of humor helping to break the dry acting and sometimes awkward story. Obviously watch it if you invested into the first chapter. I've never read a King book and never really had interest but watching this movie made me question, several times, that if this (and most any other movie adaptation except for The Shining) is representative of the stories he writes, then I don't get it.
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If they eliminated Bowers it would have saved them some time. They changed up his story and he didn't affect the plot whatsoever.
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If they eliminated Bowers it would have saved them some time. They changed up his story and he didn't affect the plot whatsoever.
Agree. Made him almost insignificant, apart from giving Eddie a point to score. I thought the actor playing the part did a great job despite having so little to play with.

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If they eliminated Bowers it would have saved them some time. They changed up his story and he didn't affect the plot whatsoever.
Ha. I forgot about him! You're right. That was a set up to nowhere. =/

Not seen it yet, but Im counting on watching it in the cinema soon...

And I kinda also just wanted to pop in here because I want to drop a random funny remark:

I find it funny that, in Danish, the way you pronounce IT in English is exactly the same as saying 1 (one) in Danish (the spelling is, however, Et).

When I ask people about the movie or just talking about it in general, Im basically saying So I was wondering, have you seen One Two?

Loved the first movie and recently watched the second one. Quite good overall. I actually watched the original IT movie and was pleasantly surprised by some new scenes that weren't in the original one. The scares in IT 2 were good too as even though I knew it was coming, it still managed to shock me.

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I've got a review for Chapter 2 on the way over on my Youtube channel, but what I will say is that I really enjoyed the movie, yeah its not without its few flaws in regards to narrative/pacing, but overall enjoyed it. I wouldn't really say it was scary... a little creepy and intense at times, but nothing really horrifying and i do feel like the CGI when used did diminish some of that horror at times.

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Finally caught this last night. Aside from a few quibbles with the CGI horror sequences and a dislike for the method used for Bev's horror, I thought this was pretty good. Sure, the ending was pretty much a video game boss fight, but I have always maintained that the ending of this book is both weak and possibly unable to be adapted to screen. I liked the meta joke about weak endings in the film.
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