MoFo Members DVD Lists


It would take me forever to make a dvd list at this stage. I have them listed in a paper book so that I don’t duplicate. A paper book - how quaint.
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Been mulling over making a list of my DVD collection. But I'm still yet to watch them all, got at least 70 that I haven't got round to watching yet, lol.

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We all know the Mofos like DVD's... and collect them. They also like the make lists... so this is the master list to link everyone's collections much in the same way the MoFo Members Top 100 Lists are linked...

If I miss adding your list, please have patience Grasshoppers... it's not on purpose... there are a lot of lists... and, it would help if you guys send me your links... preferably to my Comments because my pm box is overflowing 99.9% of the time...

MrBlond's DVD Collection
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