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The MoFo Quentin Tarantino Weekend


Right, after the Jurassic Weekend bombed, I'm gonna see if this will get some attention for the MoFo Weekends...

Don't forget, we also have an Avengers Weekend coming in April... and @cat_sidhe is planning a Friday The 13th MoFo Movie Weekend as well (coming soon).

For Tarantino though:

Saturday 20th July 2019
8pm till approx. 10:40pm British Time: The Hateful Eight
11pm till super late British Time: Inglourious Basterds

Sunday 21st July 2019
8pm till approx. 9:40pm British Time: Reservoir Dogs
10pm till approx. half midnight British Time: Pulp Fiction

Please check "British Time" with your local time zone

All scheduled MoFo Movie Weekends can be found HERE
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And if @Yoda could allow the use of the MoFo Chat Room as well?
After the Jurassic Weekend died a quick death, I'm hoping the MoFo Weekends don't die off completely, so opening MoFo Chat alongside Discord might be a good thing to get some interest in the weekends themselves... and then we can build from there.

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Would've been nice to have Kill Bill in there somehow but I can't fault any of those choices.
Yeah, I would agree.

Also, I’d rather have Django than Hateful... but then again, there’s a good chance I’m not around for them anyways, so who am I to decide?

Yeah I was juggling with the choices.
Obviously there's Jackie Brown and Death Proof to choose from as well. I had to basically flip a coin.
I think Sunday worked out ok though with Pulp and Reservoir as the duo

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