Mr. Mom..who played the exterminator?


My husband and I have 5 bucks riding on this. I say the role of the exterminator in Mr. Mom was played by Larry Hankin, who also had roles in many of John Hughes' other films. My husband disagrees. I have googled until I can't google any more, to try and find out who this actor is! Obviously, the role was uncredited. PLEASE help me find's driving me crazy. And I want my 5 bucks!

He has a similar look to Hankin, for sure, but apart from being older than him (Mr. Mom was 1983, and that actor is older then than Hankin is by the time he's on "Seinfeld" a decade later) the giveaway that it isn't Larry Hankin's voice or cadence, which is as distinctive as his face.

You owe your husband five bucks.
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Thanks Holden. I was SO certain that I was right. I stand corrected, and will pay up the 5 bucks, pronto!

...although I WOULD still like to know the name of the actor who played the exterminator! Anyone know???

I believe the character of ''Bert'' (who was the Exterminator) was played by Michael Alaimo. Of course, the pic above is from another film i.e. ''Kentucky Fried Movie''

Here's a clip (not a very good one) of him in ''Mr. Mom''.


Added another photo of him (the b/w one) in a scene from the 70s sitcom ''Billy''.
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Wow...thank you Holden and Viju! I love the side by side photos. You both rock!!