Almost a softcore movie of the 1990s


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I do not remember the title of this movie. It is almost a softcore movie of the 1990s with a sort of “devil guy” who wants to have his girlfriend pregnant. I do not remember much, but I do remember that at one point there is almost a threesome with his girlfriend’s female friend: she invites the couple at her place, they start talking, she says to him that she knows he is a very good lover, so she stands up, shows her miniskirt and long legs, but the girlfriend suddenly gets jealous. So she goes away, but they stop her before the door, they all sit, and the guy starts caressing his girlfirend’s female friend. But the girlfriend gets very jealous again and so she goes away. The day after the guy goes from his girlfriend’s female friend but she no longer wants him. So he kills her. That’s all I can remember.

I don’t know about soft core, because I haven’t had the chance to watch this, but I think ‘The Devil’s Child’ 1997 dir. by Bobby Roth sounds like it might be it. It’s a TV film and was released under different titles.

Just checked this out and the only problem is the female protagonist doesn’t die. Let me know if it’s not it and I’ll keep thinking. Watched my fair share of satanism-inspired films so feel fairly qualified

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It is really very similar but it is not that one. Thank you for the suggestion

Check out Salvation films. It's the kind of thing they would make.

This is a telling sign of lockdown cabin fever, but I’ve been going through my mental library of all satanism-related pop culture ever consumed, and I can’t find this film or get it out my head! Even checked some academic sources and nothing like that seems to be listed anywhere. The clue might be in the ‘soft core’ part. Have you tried looking at some thematic sites, in case this really was erotica? But then, the plot seems quite elaborate for that...

Someone I know offered to check out ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ 1997 (there’s a scene where Charlize Theron hallucinates giving birth to a demon baby), also similar things happen in the TV version of ‘The Stand’. Personally I don’t think it’s either of these, but it’s always worth checking everything.