What actor/actress was in these TV Shows?


The first pic is the PIXAR series "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" where Gary was the narrator. He did the voices for literally hundreds of hours of cartoons after "Laugh-In", starting with Hanna-Barbera including the exasperated Blue Falcon teamed with Dynomutt..

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No idea
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The top shot is one of my favorite shows, This is Us, but that show has a pretty big cast and since I have no idea what the other two shots are from, it's hard to determine a commonj link.

Pretty sure the top shot is from Smash and the bottom shot is from Law and Order SVU and the only common link I can come up with between those two shows is Leslie Odom, Jr?

That first shot actually looks like it's from SVU and that might be Xander Berkeley sitting in the background in the bottom shot...that's all I've got.

"Law & Order: SVU" + "The Long Road Home" + "The Booth at the End" + "Castle Rock" =
Noel Fisher

He may act for another forty years on fifteen different shows but he will forever be Mickey Milkovich on Showtime's "Shameless".