MoFo Top 100 Horror Movies: The List

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I'm the one who gave Altered States 17 points placing it at #9 on my list. I'll let my post below speak for me on that. As far as Mother! goes, I think it's one of the five best horror films of the decade.

Altered States (Ken Russell, 1980)

Anybody calling this a "mellow Ken Russell flick" seems out of his mind but I stand by that statement based on most of the work he had done during the previous decade. Somehow this film is able to juggle intellectualism, extreme drug use, sensory deprivation tanks, the search for the first self, the concept of faith, at least in the context of loving another person, religious imagery, especially of the Judeo-Christian ethic, sexual attraction and obsession. overlapping dialogue, genetic changes and reconstitution, etc., so obviously it has plenty of fish to fry and can topple over into absurdity at almost any moment. Screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky apparently thought it did and had his name removed from the screenplay credits, but Ken Russell got the last laugh as he was able to turn the whole thing into a 2001-ish trip while never being boring and filling the screen with memorable imagery provided by cinematographer Jordan Cronenweth, complimented by an intense musical score by John Corigliano. William Hurt, Blair Brown, Bob Balaban and Charles Haid all give solid acting turns, and look fast for several actors in early roles, including a pre-E.T. Drew Barrymore.
My List
9. Altered States
Seen 16/16
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didn't see Altered States and I didn't like Mother! when I first see it 1 or 2 years ago maybe a rewatch would change my mind but idk
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Mother was lame in my book. And I didn't care for Re-Animator but I thought it was a pretty cool concept actually.

That puts me at 3 seen but nothing from my list yet.

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I watched the 30 minutes or so of Mother!, but I found it so boring that I turned it off.

Altered States was on my watchlist for this countdown, but it's one of the movies that I didn't watch because I ran out of time.
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Still nothing, but that was expected, most of mine are classics.
My list was all classics or cult classics, and all of them were older movies. I expect some will turn up on the list, but so far nothing.

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mother! is...fine, I guess. Certainly an unsettling experience that makes me understand why it counts as horror, but again I wonder exactly what percentage of this list is going to end up being from the 2010s.

Altered States isn't quite as great as I want it to be, but I've seen it a couple of times and do like the psychedelic madness of it all.
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