They Shall Not Grow Old (Peter Jacksons new doc. film project)

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The title really says it all here: They Shall Not Grow Old.
The British WW1 museum curator contacted director Peter Jackson (LotR / Hobbit Trilogies) in New Zealand about editing original WW1 archived footage and splicing it together with in person interviews with the surviving veterans of the war to reveal a contemporary interpretation of history able to reach a wider audience. And remarkably, Jackson and his crew accomplished this task successfully. In fact, for me, not only was I able to learn info. about the WW1 I had never know before I was a particularly suitable candidate (Gen X not even New Milineal) for this abstract left wing rendition. I found strong creative elements, oozing from somewhere off the screen, through a 'rapid fire' of storytelling. It felt so Schitzophrenic in a way, and yet like a new kind of techy download for movie geeks. Anyone who can appreciate pushing limits to break new ground in Cinema should see it. Who better to pull off another gutsy attempt of trailblazing, then the one and only Peter Jackson?

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Nice to read your impression and information. I started watching the film one night, but then realized I was not in the mood for something that heavy and real. Your comments confirm that it was very well done.

I also like reading single thread reviews on this forum, rather than investigating personal bylines.