Ghost Ship (2002) vs. Event Horizon (1997)


The Force is Favreau
After long years and out of the blue the lost ship reappears! Salvage/rescue team heads out to investigate. Ship haunted. Crew deceived by false visions. Captain feels guilt over loss of crew. Some want to bug out from the cursed ship.

Ghost Ship has a nice opening scene.

Event Horizon offers a nice fear of scientific advancement that goes beyond Frankenstein and Skynet. What if tearing the fabric of spacetime rips reality more deeply than anyone ever expected?

Only one of these ships is taking us to hell. But which one?

Victim of The Night
Damn, now I wish I had actually finished Ghost Ship so I could comment on this.
Because if I knew how Event Horizon was gonna go, I probably wouldn't have finished it either, so this poll is unfair for me.

I have not seen Ghost Ship but I would like to cast a vote against Event Horizon. An initially promising movie sunk by the supreme shittiness of Paul W. S. Anderson.

Gonna toss a vote to Ghost Ship for the opening scene and not squandering as cool of a premise as EH did.

They are both vaguely watchable garbage. Each has a handful of moments that aren't bad or interesting. And both do lots of things which are antithetical to everything that makes a horror film good. They are mildly, minutely, just barely entertaining if I am being generous.

If forced to choose, maybe Ghost Ship. But it's not any kind of prize.

Ghost Ship is great for it's opening and closing but the middle is rough. Event Horizon has really good atmosphere and chuggs along as a fine little space horror film.

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I know um in the slight minority here as well, in preferring EH. I still enjoy the atmosphere given from its direction, even if it is a somewhat flawed film.

I know um in the slight minority here as well, in preferring EH. I still enjoy the atmosphere given from its direction, even if it is a somewhat flawed film.
If it's any consolation, I think the sample size here is small enough that we're having a peculiar response. EH seems to be far more beloved than GS overall.

The Force is Favreau
I will also vote Event Horizon. I found it to be scarier (our protags do not casually monologue with ghosts to get exposition) and this is an important film as it chronicles humanity's discovery of the warp and dangers of FTL flight without a Gellar Field.

I think Ghost Ship is one of those horror films centered around one big idea/image and that image comes very early. The uncertainty of the dancers "what just happened?" as they stand there is great, even if the idea is basically lifted from an opening gag from Cube (1997).

Ghost Ship has a nice opening scene.
And that's all I remember from it. Even though Event Horizon is a prime example of studio interference and the stupidity of the test audiences, I'd still choose it every day.

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Close the curtains, turn off the lights, crank up the sound. Event Horizon is more lightly to make you s”*# your pants. This gets my vote.
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