What's the best genre of film?


タイムコップ Timecop
I'm with you on one of those...nope not that one, the other one!
変身 ~ Henshin

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It's hard to pick a best, but the one I watch the most is thriller.

i'd say any movie that combines unrealism with realism the best.
Tact is good for making people want to go to hell.

Science fiction

Sub genre Sci-fi Comedy is great i wish i could find more movies

Thriller, Sci-fi and sometimes thriller....
Yesterday, I have watched thriller movie > WHITE TIGER at Netflix ( starring priyanka chopra jonas, adarsh gourav) >

Scott Z Burns, tv series Extrapolations ( Starring - Adarsh alongside Meryl Streep, Sienna Miller, Kit Harrington, and Tobey Maguire), explores the stories of how the changes to the planet will impact love, family, work both on a personal level and at a larger human level. READ MORE

Misspelled name....its just a fancy word for Film!
Couldn't pick just one but drama is high on my list because it often encompasses all the other genres of film.
Its not old, Its Classic!