When going to the "Reviews" section and entering some criteria, I am often presented with many pages of reviews. When paging through these reviews, I think it would be very helpful if the year the movie was made was included on the first page where all the movie titles are listed. Possibly on the same line as the name of the movie? This would be even more convenient than including that date on each individual review.

One example. The review for the film Stir Crazy contains the date the review was made on the list of films. But the date the film was made (1980) does not appear on that list or on the review of the film itself. I seem to recall experiencing this same problem with other films. But I have no idea just how frequent it is that the date the film was made is never shown. I know that it is almost never shown on the main page. But it seems to usually be shown on the page containing the actual review.

Another example. Memories of Murder contains the year on the page containing the review. But it appears in the second paragraph of the review and that is inconvenient for anyone who is trying to find the year quickly. I wish I knew just how many films contain the year but it's not displayed prominently.

There are several reasons for this request. First, several of the best films have one or more remakes and when trying to page through many names quickly, it breaks the "flow" when I have to stop and go somewhere else to find the year the film was made.

Second, when I see a list of films and I need some additional info from a different site, it is usually the year that I need. I'm sorry if I haven't explained this very well. But I think you probably understand why the year the film was made would be so useful if were displayed beside the name of the film.

The following is an excerpt from the review of The Lost Weekend by Citizen Rules. Here is the title line from the review:

The Lost Weekend (1945)

The above line is the first line in the review. The only way that could be any better would be if the year was also included on the page listing the movie titles. It would be even more useful on that page instead of (or as well as) the page containing the individual review.