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Sci-fi movie with revenge attack


Hi folks,

This is a bit of a long shot but here goes.

My wife often speaks about a movie she saw many years ago but can’t remember the title and can only recall some of the details. I’d love to be able to trace it and maybe even get a DVD if one exists so would appreciate if you could tell me if the following rings any bells re any films you may have seen.

Probably made some time between 1980’s and early 1990’s, possibly a TV movie. A Sci-Fi movie not unlike Independence Day whose plot is basically that a spaceship lands on earth and we incorrectly decipher a message from the spaceship which causes us to (unfairly) attack the spaceship and a battle ensues. The final scene apparently shows people in a science lab looking at a monitor which shows a couple of dots (spaceships) on the screen which soon increases to thousands of spaceships apparently descending upon earth in a kind of revenge attack – and that’s where the movie ends. (It appeals to me because I’m always complaining that all Sci-Fi movies seem to finish with the earth as victors and this one at least seems to leave that part open to your imagination!)

Regarding who stars in the movie, she initially thought that one of the actors from the TV show ‘Soap’ (Ted Wass) had been in it but she’s not sure and can’t find anything on it. There was apparently a real-life American newscaster in the film.

Not a lot to go on and any feedback appreciated!


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Im not sure about a movie but some of that sounds one of the older Outer Limits episodes. Not sure which one tho.
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Hi. There's a film called 'Without Warning' (1994). I'd be surprised if this isn't what your wife saw -- it seems to have most of the plot points she remembers. If you go to 1:25:00s of the video clip below, you can watch the scene where the mass 'revenge attack' is commencing: