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These commentary threads are a little ridiculous.
Then don't read them. Those of us who participate in them enjoy doing them and there are other mofos who enjoy reading them too.

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I tried to get Honeykid to admit to me that he's a doll lover, but he won't confess.

You just know he's got a black female doll with braids and glasses. It's probably propped up on his bed now. Probably holding a cat pillow or something.

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It's a sad attempt at boosting post counts.
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Suspect's Reviews

I did not start this to boost post counts. In fact, I find the post count thing embarrassing because of this -- if I suddenly reach 400,000 posts one day because of movie commentaries, that's going to look crazy, but lemme tell you something -- I enjoy doing these commentaries. This is probably the best thing I have ever done on this site. It may not all be great work, but it's fun and I like watching movies with MoFos. It feels like it's taking the site to another level because now you no longer have to watch movies alone here -- you can watch with someone else. Someone far away. And still appear as yourself on here in written form.

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
We tried to do a mofo movie watch together in a CHAT room, fell apart. Not to clutter the hell out of mofo forums, boost post counts and have useless post like "title is on screen", "opening credits have begun", "first image has appeared".

But all your posts are like that anyway SC, just multiplied by thousands.

This is stupid. And when have we tried to watch a movie in a chat room and it fell apart? If we couldn't even get a movie viewing in a chat room to work, that's ridiculous since Miss Vicky and I (and rauldc14 and others) have had no problem watching movies in a thread.

And this is hardly cluttering. How could this bother you so much? Those "useless posts" tell what's happening in the movie. That's the point of this kind of thing.

I don't care if they take away post counts. Counting posts is the problem -- not these commentaries. You and everyone's else's phoney baloney big deal about "perfect posts" is the whole problem. We're just trying to have fun. You all are trying to make yourselves look like Gods and Goddesses with "immaculate" post records. Snobs who think they have supreme intelligence and golden contributions to this site. You're the people with the problem. You're the ones worshipping "post counts." Not us.

We tried to do a mofo movie watch together in a CHAT room, fell apart.
That idea has been put on hold, according to Yoda. It hasn't just fallen apart. I asked him about it awhile ago, he said it's still going to happen but other things needed to happen first. Perhaps after he unveils the new layout we'll get to do that chat.

In the meantime, some of us are having fun doing these commentaries. If you don't enjoy them, again, don't read them. There's a grand total of three commentary threads, one of which isn't particularly active, so they're not hard to avoid.

Boosting post counts is certainly part of it for me, but moreso doing these commentaries makes the movie watching experience more interesting and I started doing them for that very reason. I really like knowing that I'm watching a movie with someone on the other side of the country or in another country altogether. It's also exposed me to movies I might not otherwise watch. Some of the movies I've done commentary on with Sexy I'd never even heard of before he suggested them.

And posts like "opening credits," "title," etc. help to ensure that the particpants are synced up properly. They may not be interesting, but they serve a purpose.

Keep telling yourself that when you post in the other thread about not being the top member of the month.
That's a bonus. That's something I can't help. If Rodent hadn't started doing that, I wouldn't be caring about it. Sure, I'd probably notice if I was getting close to being the #1 poster, but Rodent's the one who made it a race for me. AND WHO CARES?! It's fun. Have some fun, UsualSuspect. In a couple of decades, if you're lucky, you're going to spend the rest of eternity DEAD. Is that less upsetting than us doing these movie commentaries? Why don't you go yell at cancer or something? Go to a hospital and scream at people's cancer. "YOU BITCH! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO US?!"

Um, I think Sexy has his hands full at the moment...
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The best way to do this is thru a messenger system. I used to do it with a friend from Argentina all the time.
Never talk smack about Star Lord!

After all, horror is usually concerned in some way with death, and romance is concerned with love, but love and death and how one is bound up in the other is the very essence of gothic.

The best way to do this is thru a messenger system. I used to do it with a friend from Argentina all the time.
That's nice but we really don't care.