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Well, as you can see, I've added another forum (in addition to the "Intermission" forum, this one dedicated to DVD discussion. It was getting enough threads in the General Movie Discussion forum to warrant this - I hope it's of use to all of you!

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Yup, and as you know, you're now our new moderator - no big deal, but thanks very much for accepting the position! You're overly perfect for the job.

Thank you Chris. I just wanted to let everyone know that if you have any questions at all concerning DVD, even if you think it's too technical, go ahead and ask me. I've been working hands on with the format for about 4 years and have major access to DVDs coming out as far ahead as 6 months from now. So anything goes, incompatibility issues, future releases, DVD care and storage, player tech, eggs, encoding problems, DVDROM...absolutely anything. Thanks again Chris.

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Kudos to for bringing Laurie aboard. I'm sure she will be very beneficial to these forums and she's a great person as well.
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Absolutely - I'm totally thrilled that Laurie agreed to moderate this forum. She's more than qualified - she knows too much for her own good, and has been amazingly helpful.

I can't even begin to imagine how useful/helpful she'll be when, say, I actually GET a DVD player!

Awww thanks y'all. I'm gonna Anyhoo...just happy to help out.