What actor/actress was in these movies?


Top photo is Stack what’s-his-face from Generation Kill. That’s all I got.
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2nd photo is probably from Llewelyn Davis or whatever itís called.
Inside Llewyn Davis, correct. The two first pictures are from Llewyn Davis.

Kiss the Sky + The Sicilian + The Company of Wolves =
Terence Stamp

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A black and white boxing movie with DeNiro and Pesci, you guys found no hints there, either?

Nunzio + The Night Before + The Evil That Men Do + Raging Bull =
Theresa Saldana


Days of Wine & Roses top. Cary Grant in next photo is all I got.

I'm pretty sure that the Cary Grant picture is from the movie Mr. Lucky, and I think the actor in the picture below Cary Grant is Dana Andrews, but I'm not sure what movie it's from.
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