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What would be the best country to market a movie to at this time?


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This is kind of an odd topic question but I was to going to produce and direct my first feature film, to try to get more noticed in the industry, and if I get distribution, that's good too.

I was going to start before, on pre-production before but then covid hit and had to delay it. But now people in the industry are telling me, do not market the script in the U.S. and try to gain interest in other nations who would be more interested in making a script. It's a thriller involving a kidnapping and manhunt, but I was told no one in the U.S. wants to see involving the police right now.

So in this case, what countries would be the best to try to market the script to to gain, interest, if anyone has any suggestions?

Depends on the language of the film. If it’s gonna be in English then it has to be a country that speaks English unless you want to pay for subtitles.
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