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Current status of Hollywood production


I Emailed a friend of mine --who is a veteran working actor in Hollywood-- to inquire what the industry is like now with all the lock-downs and such. Here is most of his reply:

We are all amazed at what the higher ups are saying. I guess they all want to keep the natives from getting restless. The industry is going to face a big overhaul. They told stage actors Broadway is shutting down till September. Lot of tickets have been sold for the end of the year and the holidays. We are all sitting here thinking, who is going to sit in a theater full of people 2 inches apart from each other in September. In a Hazmat maybe. No way. Maybe next year. But if they came out with that all the money is going to have to be returned. A friend of mine was in a recent Broadway play before we closed down and a large majority of the cast and crew came down with the Virus. He was in agony for 2 weeks and some people on the crew died. Nobody is going to want to go back to work.
What major star wants to go back to work without a Vaccine?
As far as film and tv they got enough product in the can to last a season. Some made it up to the last episode and they had to rewrite it to some kind of animated ending. Believe it or not.
New films coming out as they were all geared up for the summer festivals. All festivals closed so they will be all streamed instead.
Disney just came out with a 20 page pamphlet that describes the terms if and when they return to work on what specifics will be required.
Yes voice work is continuing. I myself have to work on a sound booth in my own home. I'm right now working out of my closet with new equipment and digital add ons. So now instead of being an actor I have to do my own sound engineering. Ive had to get professional Mics, cables, jacks, stands and all that ****. Now I do not need to work but once you are dead you are going to be left behind. So I had to join the army. What people spent a lifetime doing Ive had 3 months to learn.
Last week there was a commercial call where they wanted to shoot in your home. But you would have to shoot it. They would supply the camera, the costume, and makeup and you would have to set it all up yourself. Are you kidding me?
So yes expect animation, documentaries, stand up comedy specials, South Korean baseball, but no interacting for a while. Which has gotten a lot of people scared.
In the area of filming. Look for a lot of CTG stuff. Or blue screen as we call it. Actors will be doing a scene by themselves and then other people will be added in. I don't know how you're going to do intimate stuff or fight scenes but I'm sure some smart Spielberg/Lucas type guy will figure it out. Crews that work together will all have to be tested every day like White House staff! LOL!