Another Face Off. This Time: Star Trek


Which Is The Best Of The Series. Choose Wisely, There's Only One Vote Per Person.
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The Motion Picture
10 votes
The Wrath Of Khan
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The Search For Spock
5 votes
The Voyage Home
1 votes
The Final Frontier
2 votes
The Undiscovered Country
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4 votes
First Contact
0 votes
0 votes
12 votes
Abrams' Star Trek
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Choose wiseley, only one vote per person. Simple question: Which is the best?
Here's a quick summary of the films for those who can't remember which one was which (like me ):

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979).
A massive energy cloud advances toward Earth, leaving destruction in its wake, and the Enterprise must intercept it to determine what lies within, and what its intent might be.

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (1982).
Khan Noonien Singh, whom Kirk thwarted in his attempt to seize control of the Enterprise fifteen years earlier seeks his revenge and lays a cunning and sinister trap.

Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock (1984).
When McCoy begins acting irrationally, Kirk learns that Spock, in his final moments, transfered his katra, his living spirit, to the doctor. In order to save McCoy from emotional ruin, Kirk and crew must steal the Enterprise and violate the quarantine of Genesis to retrieve Spock's body from the rapidly dying planet, in the hopes that body and soul can be rejoined. Bent on obtaining the secret of Genesis for themselves, however, a rogue Klingon and his crew interfere, with deadly consequences.

Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home (1986).
While returning to stand court-martial for their actions in rescuing Spock, Kirk and crew learn that Earth is under the siege of a giant probe transmitting a destructive signal, intended for the long-extinct species of humpback whales. To save the planet, the crew must time-travel back to the 20th century to obtain a mating pair of these whales, along with a biologist to care for them.

Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier (1989).
Spock's half-brother believes he is summoned by God, and hijacks the brand-new (and problem-ridden) Enterprise-A to take it through the Great Barrier, at the center of the Milky Way, beyond which he believes his maker waits for him. Meanwhile, an ambitious young Klingon captain, seeking vengeance for the deaths of the Klingon crewmen at Genesis, sets his sights on Kirk.

Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country (1991).
After their homeworld is wracked by an environmental disaster, the Klingons attempt to make peace with the Federation. When the Klingon Chancellor is assassinated, the crew of the Enterprise must race against time to uncover a massive conspiracy against the peace process, with plotters from both sides, led by Klingon General Chang, working with each other.

Star Trek Generations (1994).
Picard enlists the services of Kirk, who is presumed long dead but flourishes in an extradimensional realm, to prevent a madman from destroying a star and its planetary system in an attempt to enter that realm.

Star Trek: First Contact (1996).
The Borg attempt to enslave humanity in the past, before First Contact between Terrans and Vulcans; Picard must fight his demons from his assimilation into the Collective as he leads the Enterprise-E back in time to ensure that Zephram Cochrane's first warp test and subsequent meeting of the extraterrestrials take place.

Star Trek: Insurrection (1998).
The crew of the Enterprise launch a rebellion on the Baku homeworld against Picardís superior officer, Admiral Dougherty, and his Son'a cohort, Ru'afo who want to relocate the Baku to gain possession of the medicinal cosmic radiation that floods their planet.

Star Trek Nemesis (2002).
Picard and company must thwart a clone of himself, who has become leader of Romulus and is bent on obtaining a full DNA transplant from Picard, at the cost of the captain's life, as well as the Federation's destruction.

Star Trek (2009).
When Vulcan is destroyed by Romulan thugs from the future, led by Nero, young Kirk and Spock must set aside their differences to prevent Earth from suffering the same fate.

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I can see Khan and Abrams's's's being the leaders on this.
I've voted for Abrams's's's's's.

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I can see Khan and Abrams's's's being the leaders on this.
I've voted for Abrams's's's's's.
I voted Khan. Just ahead of Abrams
superb reboot.

Voyage Home and Undiscovered Country are notable efforts. 1 3 and 5 are a little bit crap.

First Contact is by far the best of the Next Generation films.

I've seen the first six and Star Trek (2009). Never seen all of Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis. Odd because Generations has - drumroll please ---

I guess I prefer the original crew.

I voted for The Voyage Home, but I also really liked the 5th one, The Final Frontier, and the third one I remember being okay - The Search for Spock. I was not thrilled by The Wrath of Khan, I was very disappointed by the first one and I was very bored with The Undiscovered Country. The 2009 Star Trek... I like it more now than I did at first.

I tried to give the other ones a chance -- in fact, I did a marathon of them after watching the 2009 Star Trek. I think The Undiscovered Country really ruined my taste for the series. Odd because it has Kim Cattrall as a Vulcan.

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I voted for Undiscovered Country. I enjoy it a lot. I liked the story of sabotaging a peace treaty. Kind of different in a way, and all the quoting of Hamlet was cool to hear. The best in terms of capturing the spirit of the TV show was the first film: Star Trek The Motion Picture, but many people thought it moved too slow. Well, that's true, but the TV show was slowly paced with a lot of dialogue and philosophy and didn't always have a main villain to twirl his mustache, ala KHAANNN!! Of the "Next Generation" crew, I really liked Nemesis, a lot. I thought it didn't go far enough in exploring the nature vs nurture question. Tom Hardy was just frippin' amazing to watch in it.

"Star Trek" has always been very political and progressive and character based - not always plot or action based, and it's a shame that so many of the movies don't do that as well as the shows. I read a great article that compares the torture found in "Chain of Command" vs that found in Wrath of Khan and the new movie with the whole slug thing. The TV series are always far more advanced and push the limits more than the movies. The latest, while I thoroughly enjoyed it, is not really a "Star Trek" movie. It would be great if the movies were more like the original motion picture.
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Oh and while I thought of it, Star Trek IV The Voyage Home is hardly a Star Trek movie in my mind. Yes I know the original series dabbled in the fish out of water or time storyline as did Next Generation with the holodeck, but I found it to be gimmicky and never liked those episodes much anyway. The Voyage Home - the whale movie - was a bit silly and while it's fun to watch your favorite characters that you know so well in a strange situation, I can't really take it seriously.

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Wrath of Khan is defiantly my favourite, but when I was an impressionable youngster it was The Voyage Home (the girls always love the whales).
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I knew it would be a split between the reboot and Wrath of KKKKKKKKHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I knew it would be a split between the reboot and Wrath of KKKKKKKKHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said the same at the beginning. By far the best two of the lot.

I went with V: "What would God need with a star ship?" As a non-fan who mostly enjoys watching Star Trek with his nerd girlfriend and for the camp value, nothing can beat an overweight Shatner trying to preemptively one-up Tom Cruise like a decade before M:I 2. I almost went with Insurrection for F. Murray Abraham and the Gilbert and Sullivan bit:

Picard: Warf, are you familiar with Gilbert and Sullivan?
Warf: Sorry Captain, is that like Klingbert and Kullivan?
Picard: Sing, damn you! Sing as if Data's circuits depended on it!!

They all have their fair share of (both intentional and unintentional) cheese though.

I know everyone thinks the Wrath of Khan is the best but I have a soft spot for The voyage Home I think it is quite funny in parts

Did like the newest also
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Abram's I thought the whole cast did a great job and it made me like Eric Bana again after Hulk (though it wasn't his fault I didn't like it). Plus it's my 10th favourite film. FIRE EVERYTHING!!!
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I recently bought and watched the first four films on Bluray. I liked all four, but my favourite was The Voyage Home.

I liked the fish-out-of-water storyline and the '80's setting a lot. I thought it was also the funniest of the ones I saw, and I thought that Spock finally got his full chance to shine, by using his wooden persona as the basis of the film's greatest comedic moments. I liked the silliness of it all and it was well directed by Nimoy also.

As for my next favourite, I'd go with Wrath Of Khan easily.
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First Contact is awesome. I also really enjoyed Voyage Home, so close second for it.
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